yahoo offers the best deal

howdy folks. i’m writing today to let you in on why i think yahoo is best for me and should be for you. even though i have not researched all there is to know about communicating on the internet. i figure i could waste alot of time researching and comparing when i should just go with one service until a better one comes along.

yahoo is cool. i use yahoo for my email, alerts and stock research. it’s free…but the better service is “yahoo plus” and its only 19.99 for 1 year…that’s a great deal to be able to call my email up on any computer worldwide and respond with my email domain name plus the other services they offer.

one hang up with getting an online service such as yahoomail (webmail) was receiving and managing my email. i had always wanted my emails downloaded to my computer because i felt that they are mine and i want to keep them on my computer for safe keeping.

but that all changed when i found that yahoo allows me to archive my emails. woolah, finding that out changed my worst hang up about webmail. so now i do all of my emailing through yahoomail (now that you know that i’ll have to re-encrypt my password on a monthly basis…but that’s another topic) and archive my emails on a monthly basis to keep my email box clean and backed up on my machine (machine=computer).

other items i use yahoo for (that can be sent to me via computer, cell phone, pda or other devices) are
-if i’m out of town or out of the country i can receive all of my emails (or emails from a selected email address) on my cell phone, pda or other devices just by changing the settings in my account.
-alerts. to alert me of a missing child in my home zip code and business zip code
yahoo has many alerts like terrorist alerts, breaking news, games, health news, traffic, weather, stock report alerts to name a few.
-i also have yahoo to alert me when my stocks are rising or falling so i can keep up with my investments.

i think you should try out yahoo for your internet communications needs…try it for free first, then if you like it, upgrade. the main thing i get with the upgrade is to be able to reply to an email with my domain email address not the from: (that’s another topic as well).

but remember if your not an internet pro like me consult one first before making your decision. you’ll be glad ya did.
yea, i know “internet pro like me” does sound alittle arrogant but it’s true…i’ve been in the biz for over 10 years.

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