Hello Thumbtack Client

What makes SLGD different.

1) We ask questions. Not one size fits all.
Providing a-la-carte services for only what you need.

2) Communications are returned within 15 mins. to 3 hrs.
Usually we reply in 15 mins. but we may be in a 2 hr. client meeting.
3) Services get started within 24 hrs. of your request.
Turn around time is quick and immediate.
4) 24/7 support
Your questions and concerns are important to us.
5) You are in control of your services. We share the keys.
We give you all of the credentials to current and future service setups.
6) Monitor your SLGD accounts
To help keep your services running smoothly.
7) Money saving training
Want to be in control? We’ll train you.

Our Rates:
Small tasks are charged at $1.50/minute with an agreed budget.
If the budget is reached, we quote to accomplish the task.
Large projects are quoted.
ie website development & design

Standard yearly service pricing:
Domain name registration/renewals: $13.12
Basic Hosting: $155.88
Basic SSL Certificates: $59.99 + setup

Website Service Scenarios:
Need a new/redesign/redo website
Built with marketing and what works for you.
Can’t find my website, domain, etc.
Recover your services and give you the keys.
Webmaster is non-responsive
Our integrity is very important to us.
Website is out of date
Free consultation on what to do next.
Simple website updates needed
Quick turn around on all requests.

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