Why transfer Internet services to Samuel Little Graphic Design?

Many potential clients ask:
Why do I need to transfer all of my Internet services (domain, hosting, email, etc.) to Samuel Little Graphic Design (SLGD)?

1) All of our services work as a cohesive package.
2) All of your services are in one place, not scattered with different internet service providers.
3) If necessary, troubleshooting is minimized. Time is wasted with contacting many service providers, who end up pointing the finger at the other guy and nothing gets resolved. With one service provider, tech support sees the whole picture.
4) With one of the nation’s major Internet service providers, SLGD has a perfect track record with zero downtime in the past 3 years.

For those of you that have your Internet services scattered across several providers and or don’t know where your domain or hosting or website or your email is, give SLGD  a call (804-545-7503). We have acquired many clients because their webmaster and or service providers have fallen by the wayside and can’t provide service or tech support because they were bought or have gone out of business.

Samuel Little Graphic Design (SLGD) is a website design and development company that has developed websites for over 10 years. SLGD currently maintains over 52 websites and 96 domains nationwide. SLGD specializes in website development and website redesign of small to medium size businesses nationwide. We provide hosting, domain registration, email, email marketing, blogs, e-commerce, SSL certificates, website stats, search engine optimization and a wide range of Internet services.