Virginia Tech

i don’t really have much to say about the murders at Virginia Tech…I’m almost speechless. it’s just really sad…the whole thing. even though i don’t know anyone that goes there it’s really sad this happened…who’s to blame? i don’t think this could have been stopped. things happen. there’s not one thing that could have prevented this. it’s many things and things we have no control over. but one thing i do know is…

…why do we (the USA) have to sell handguns? what is someone going to do with a handgun that is not for hunting? i don’t understand this. i was a hunter once and i know what it’s like to hunt and hunting is good but i used guns like a 22 or a 4-10 or a 12 gauge or a 16 gauge shotgun or a rifle. why do we need to sell a 9mm to the general public? who has a 9mm? do you have a 9mm? do you feel you have to have a gun to protect yourself? it’s just senseless for people to own a gun shop that sells these types of guns knowing full well what that gun can be used for. i shake my head. if i was that man that sold the murder that gun…i would find another way to make a living or only sell the kind of guns people hunt with. this is down right senseless.

we can only learn from this. and pull together. and pray. and find somewhere in our hearts to comfort ourselves of this tragedy.

it has hit the hearts of people locally, stately, nationally and internationally.

my hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to all that have been affected by this and may we find comfort.