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Samuel Little
Samuel Little

Samuel Little Graphic Design, Inc. was established before the Internet was popular. Now, Samuel Little Graphic Design, Inc. is much more than just a graphic design company. We’re a marketing company. Providing marketing concepts and strategies that work by using new ideas and technology. It’s a new way of thinking.

Samuel Little Graphic Design, Inc. founded in 1995 in Chesterfield County, Virginia. Samuel Little Graphic Design, Inc. provides three core services: Internet marketing, graphic design and marketing consultation to small size businesses in the Greater Richmond Region and across the United States. For nineteen years my office headquarters and target market was in Midlothian, Virginia. In the winter of 2015, I moved my offices the the near west end of Richmond where my target market has expanded to the Greater Richmond Region including clients in Colonial Heights and Petersburg, Virginia.

Samuel Little Graphic Design, Inc. is an active member of the Chesterfield County Chamber of Commerce and is embedded in the Chesterfield County business community specifically in Midlothian, Virginia with a diverse involvement with local officials, county staff and community organizations and associations.
We are able to be a viable constructive force in the business community because of our involvement in the Chesterfield County Chamber of Commerce.
I am currently gaining market share in the Henrico County, Hanover County and Richmond.

The details:
In the early 1970’s my grandfather and grandmother, Sam (Samuel) and Ruth Valencino owned a cafe in downtown Greenville, Mississippi call Johnny’s Log Cabin. It was the best eating place downtown where all of the business people ate breakfast, lunch and dinner (when a good cup of coffee was 10 cents). This is where I got my entrepreneurial spirit from coupled with the beliefs and values of my parents. I remember when I was very young, I sold plastic fruit and items to my family (in my grandparents home) from my cardboard box store front with my own play money. That was some good times. My sister and brother and I were always taught that we could do anything we set our mind and hearts too. And we did just that. My sister earned her masters in social work from University of Southern Mississippi, my brother owns a law firm and I earned the Eagle rank with the Boy Scouts of America, class of 1979. We were always determined to be successful.

During my tenure as rising graphic designer I fell and rose to the ever changing economy. I had quit, lost and got fired from my job eight times in my short term of employments, mostly because of the economy. But I also feel that most of the jobs I lost was because of my entrepreneurial spirit and that they knew I could always spring back into the market. When I lost my job, I felt like it was an opportunity for a better job and a raise in pay! It gave me opportunities to show what I was made of. I usually had a job before the paperwork had a chance to go through at the state unemployment agency. One Monday morning in 1991, I lost my job from Signet Bank (during an inflated economy) and was at a marketing trade show that same day talking to people and touting my resume. Nothing could stop me (FYI: It took me 7 months to find a job in that economy). At my last employment in 1994, I was fired from West End Printing Company. At the time it was the best thing that ever happened to me and Samuel Little Graphic Design was born in 1995. I called Bob Desbien, marketing director for Southern States Cooperative (a client of a prior employer) on a Thursday and he said for me to come in on Monday. Southern States became my dream freelance job as it was for many of my fellow graphic designers under Bob’s leadership (my mentor). I was a print graphic design freelancer for Southern States for six years and was later on the website development team. Southern States spring-boarded my graphic design business and later in 1997 I added website development services to the company mix.

Starting out in website development in 1997 there wasn’t much on the Internet to my liking as far as what a good looking website should be. From then on, I’m self taught by saying yes to my clients and then figuring it out.
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