SLGD Hosting Services

Website Hosting Service What do you get with the SLGD Hosting/Domain/Email Services:

  • Trusted local source for advice and direction
  • Monitor your account for renewals
  • Notification of renewals for insurance
  • Answer any questions about your account
  • Contact Tech Support on your behalf – we speak the language
  • 24/7 tech support if we are not available
  • No set up fees for hosting and domain name purchases
  • Respond and resolve any outages, down time or issues
    However, WordPress websites must have a WP Security Plan.
  • Services are with major third party services providers in the industry
  • Email services are extra depending on user needs and configurations

What you get when we manage Non-SLGD Hosting/Domain/Email Services:

  • Possibly purchase products and services you don’t need
  • You monitor and handle your account
  • Sometimes it takes an act of Congress to get SLGD added to be an authorized member
  • SLGD charges $1.50/min. to answer any questions about your account
  • SLGD charges $1.50/min. to make SLGD an authorized member of your account
  • SLGD charges $1.50/min. to contact Tech/Billing Support on your behalf – we speak the language
  • SLGD charges $1.50/min. to respond to any outages, down time, or issues

For those clients that have a Non-SLGD Hosting/Domain/Email Services are subject to the above service and support charges.

Just saved a client money by reviewing his Non-SLGD account.
Cancelled a service and several domains that were not needed saving the client $84.56/yr.
Gave more protection to his domain were services were needed.

Website Offline with Non-SLGD account.
Client’s website went offline because their hosting expired with another provider.
Damage: Website was offline while contacting the client during the holidays, tech support call and reloaded the site from backup. Costing the client $300+.
Website was offline for 4 days.

Client Credentials with Non-SLGD account.
Client misplaced their passwords and we couldn’t gain access to their web services account. Costing the client $135+