SLGD Facebook Services

Facebook Business page training – $60/hr.

  • How to get to/find your Facebook business page
  • How to make posts from your phone or computer
  • How to respond to Facebook messenger from your phone or computer
  • Other challenges

Setup or Optimize your Facebook Business page – $75

  • Create a Facebook Business page
  • Give you admin access and ownership
  • Create a square logo and cover photo
  • Set most favorable settings
  • Post 2 posts to populate your page
  • Consult you on what to expect

Monthly Facebook Post Service – $250/mo.

    • Monitor page activity
    • Respond to messenger messages
    • Monitor your page for malicious activity
    • Contact you if necessary of any activity
    • Post up to 15 times depending on content
    • Post your provided content (up to 3 posts)
    • Post graphics and sayings for major holidays
Facebook Advertising*:
Step 1: Ad creation/implementation**: $1.50/min. with a $300 budget (See Polices/Budgeting #2)
Step 2: Monitoring ad responses for up to 14 day ad: $200
Once we create content and see results, ongoing ad creation costs may be reduced.
**Does not include advertising fees paid to Facebook $20+. *Does not include video production if necessary.


  • On-site/Richmond area amateur photos/videos – $90/hr.