rules on domain transfers

do you want to change hosts and or transfer your domain name before it expires? well, you better read the rules because if you wait too long or don’t change at the right time, you could find your site off-line for a couple of days.

a few years ago our client’s domain could be transferred without our knowledge. client’s could be solicited about the renewal of their domain and under pressure could stroke a check and that would be authorization enough to have that domain transferred without the knowledge of samuel little graphic design.

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has cracked down on this to where the domain has to be unlocked and require an authorization code to the current domain registrar before the domain can be transferred.

NOTE: All of this CAN be really confusing.
It’s BEST to contact samuel little graphic design for professional help, for a smooth transfer and less frustration. contact us at

The rules:

1. The administrative contact: The confirmation email is sent to the administrative contact listed in the WHOIS at the time you submit the transfer. You need to follow the instructions included in that email. If you don’t have access to the admin contact email, you need to change it immediately and submit the transfer AFTER the change is propagated on the Internet WHOIS.

2. The creation date: Domain must be 60 days old before it can be transferred to another registrar.

3. The expiration date: Expired domains cannot be transferred. We strongly recommend you transfer your domain at least 10 days before it expires.

4. The registry status: The domain must be active. If the domain is on registry lock, you need to unlock the domain before submitting the transfer.

Note: ALL domain extensions NOW REQUIRE you to obtain the “authinfo code” from your current registrar and then enter it in the proper field when you approve the transfer as the administrative contact.

Your website will not be affected during the transfers. Your hosting information will remain as the same during or after the transfers.

How do I transfer my domain to SLGD from another registrar?
For self-service: go to our hosting services site and follow the easy steps.

If you prefer SLGD to do it for you contact us from our web site at