Logo Design

A professional logo is most important to your business, service or product so you can stand out from your competitors. Your logo usually sets the tone for how the rest of your marketing materials are going to look.

Logo Design starts at $300. Give us a call to get you started.

We design logos for start ups and for companies that want a new revised logo. Sometimes a logo can be out dated and needs a fresh new look so you can stay current with the times. When we redesign a logo we are very careful not to destroy your current brand. We make an evaluation of the possibilities when making change.

We explore and think ahead of how you are going to use your logo:
-Is your logo going to be used very small?
-Are you going to put your logo on a skyscraper?
-Are you going to embroidery your logo on a shirt?
-Does your logo need to be displayed in a horizontal or vertical area?
All of these questions are very important, so we can design your logo to fit your needs so that it will reproduce properly.

Our process is simple:
-We brainstorm with you and explore possibilities of a logo shape, size, icons, colors, etc.
-Then we design as many different logos as we can think of…usually more than 20 different versions.
-Then we consult with you on which logo you like and narrow the logo down from there.
-From the final, we create a color, B&W and a white version of the logo to be used in various mediums.
-Once we have your final approval, we format the logo in many formats such as: .AI, .JPEG, .EPS, and .TIF

When your logo design is finalized, we take your logo to the next level in producing and printing your business cards, letterhead, envelopes, signs on your vehicles, store signs, office signs, name tags, and any marketing materials needed to promote and build your brand in a professional way. You’ll want it to be on everything.

We can design logos two different ways: Flat logos ($300-$500) and Three-dimensional logos ($1000+)
Flat logos are rather inexpensive compared to the three-dimensional because the logo can be used in many different mediums and is more cost effective to reproduce.
Three-dimensional logos look more professional but are hard to reproduce in every reproductive situation. You’ll pay more to have it reproduced and in some cases it will not reproduce, like on an embroidered shirt. In some cases you’ll have to sacrifice quality over price.

If you are in need of a logo or a new refreshed logo…contact us at 804-601-0545 or email us at services@slgd.com