On the rise: Email Phishers Spamming

I’ve noticed that I’m getting unsolicited emails in the form of an email newsletter from all over the country using my “services” email address. People are phishing everywhere during this time of economic downturn. So what should I do and what have I been doing?

1) Mark them as Spam – this helps your email software to determine if it is spam or not.
But it’s best to 2) Unsubscribe – unsubscribing takes you off the list – so you don’t even receive the email to begin with. Next you should 3) Research where they are phishing for your email addresses.
For me, being a webmaster, I have my email address everywhere…so I need to research where that “services” email is and encrypt it.

Encrypt it? How do you do that? Consult with your webmaster or internet service provider…they’ll be able to help you encrypt your email address on your website so that it can’t be phished. Your webmaster can use an “email riddler” from this website… http://www.dynamicdrive.com/emailriddler/

Also don’t put your email out on the web to be phished…just waiting to be taken.

I’ve written about this in another post here and here as well.

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