SmartPhone Mobile Website Development

Smartphone users are looking for services right now! If they have to search for your contact information on your full view website, they’re gone to the next competitor. You need a website that can be viewed on a smartphone monitor with the minimal amount of effort to contact you.
1) Look at your Website on a SmartPhone.
2) Find your contact info on your Website and call it.
3) If you can’t make the call quickly, you need a SmartPhone Mobile Website.

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Using Samuel Little Graphic Design, Inc. (SLGD) smartphone mobile website development service, can develop a smartphone mobile website for your business that will help your customers find you easily, convert leads into sales and create a great mobile experience.

Why a Mobile website?
Increase Your Customer Base
Your customers are mobile, how about your business? Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to search for business information. By 2014, it is estimated that the number of people browsing the web on their smartphones will exceed desktop visits. By hiring SLGD to create a mobile-friendly website, you can proactively reach out to new customers and expand your reach.

Enhanced Customer Experience
Most websites are not designed to be viewed on the small screens of mobile phones. Our mobile website development team can build a custom mobile website that is optimized for smartphones, creating a better experience for your mobile website visitors.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition
Studies show that less than 2% of businesses have a mobile-friendly website, an amazing figure given that more that 20% of Google searches are now done on mobile. Instantly set yourself apart from your competition by having our developers build you a great looking mobile website to tap into the growing mobile market.

Ease of Use
We make it easy to make the move to mobile. After signing up, we will call you, discuss your business needs, and then get started creating your personalized site. This is your complete mobile website development and hosting solution in one stop. We completely eliminate the hassle!

-One time development fee to make your desktop website mobile
-Up to 10 page mobile website
-Up to two revisions with our developers
-Help with redirecting to your new mobile site
-Help with setting up your custom domain (
-Optimization for smartphones
-Analytics tracking
-Mobile website hosting with unlimited bandwidth
-Phone and email tech support

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What happens after I sign up?
A: SLGD staff will contact you at the number you provided on your sign-up form (to the right) for an initial consultation about your mobile website.
Q: Do I need a regular desktop website to use this service?
A: Yes. SLGD starts the development of your mobile website from your current site. However, SLGD can develop a custom site from scratch for an additional cost.
Q: Are their any design limitations?
A: At this time we do not support any e-commerce, membership sites, and some search functionality may be limited. Additionally, If you have a flash based site there may also be some limitations.
Q: Do you support all smart phone devices?
A: Mobile websites will work properly on all major smartphones that have a browser including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.
Q: How long will it take for my mobile site to be designed and go live?
A: On average, your mobile website will be live within 1-2 weeks, depending on the amount of design work required.
Q: What happens if I update my regular website? Will the mobile version change as well?
A: Your mobile website syncs automatically with your original website, so that updates made to the content of your regular website (eg. copy, images, videos) will immediately appear on your mobile website. If you do not want your website to sync automatically this can be disabled upon request.
Q: How will mobile phone users reach the mobile version of my website?
A: Once your mobile website design is complete, SLGD or your webmaster will set up the “redirect”, so that people who browse your website on their phone will be redirected to your mobile website.
Q: Do I need to purchase a new domain name for my mobile website?
A: No, your mobile website will be installed on a subdomain of your existing website, e.g. “”
Q: Can I cancel my custom mobile website if I don’t like it?
A: Once your SLGD design professional begins work on your mobile website, you may not cancel your order. However, we will do everything possible to make sure you are satisfied with the look and feel of your mobile site.
Q: After the site is completed and setup, how do I make changes to my mobile website?
A: Once your mobile site has been completed and is live, our automatic sync feature updates your mobile site as you make changes to your regular desktop site.
Q: What are the fees?
A: You’ll be charged a one time fee to develop the mobile website and a monthly fee for mobile website hosting billed recurring monthly via your credit card.
Q: Who do I contact if my mobile site isn’t functioning properly?
A: We offer great phone and email support. If you have any problems contact SLGD for tech support.
Q: I want to make sure I like my mobile website design. How many design iterations can I get?
A: Your mobile website design is based on your existing website design. If you are happy with your website design you will be more than happy with the mobile website design. To ensure you get what you want we will provide up to two design iterations.
Q: Does the design fee include graphic design work?
A: No. If you need additional graphic design our graphics department can handle that.

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