hello world,

about me. i’ve been an artist all of my life. my first drawing was when i was 3. i’ve always loved art. i entered my work in every school art show. was asked to design for others. i went to a private catholic school and they only offered art 1 & 2. i took art 2 three times. then i talked to the principal of the public school if i could take art 4 after i got out of my last class for the day. he said yes, so i walked about 3 city blocks to the public school to take art 4 my senior year of high school. then i went off to college where i studied art and earned a bachelor of fine arts degree in commercial design with a print making minor…ya know i had to make a living somehow…with this thing called art. looking back, i spent most of my days and nights in the art department creating…i couldn’t get enough of it. i always hassled campus security to let me in the building on the weekends and late nights. sometimes i slept on a couch in the teachers lounge and drank their coffee. i would tend to my printmaking tools and materials making things all the time. i was always ahead of everyone in the class with my class work. i would beg the teach to give me the next assignment. sometimes i would be 3 assignments ahead of everyone before they made me stop and wait for everyone else to catch up. i would wander into other class and help the lower classman on their work. i love creating. also i would throw pots on the wheel in the ceramics dept. i would wear the same jeans for days because of the clay buildup on the thighs of my jeans…the sign of a true potter. sometimes i would have to stop throwing because my back would hurt. i spent most of my days, nights, weekends there as well. well enough writing for now…stay tuned for the next stage of

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