Marketing Consulting

I wish businesses would consult with a marketing consultant like Samuel Little Graphic Design before making a financial business decision…even before picking a company name, domain name and if it has a store front …picking the location. Location is very important. I see new business owners picking a location that just doesn’t work for them. Some first time business owners get all slap happy and forget about how and who they are going to market to before consulting with a marketing consultant. Example 1: There’s a drive thru coffee shop here in town…bad location, why, because: 1) it’s not in a busy part of town or on a major road near a mall or anything, 2) it’s like a maze to get to it 3) there’s nothing special about it except for it’s a drive thru.
Example 2: I saw a logo on the back of a van the other day. Huge logo with letters CIP and in very small lettering that nobody can see except for if your standing next to the van is the words “custom interior painting”. It’s like they think they’re coca-cola, where everyone already knows who they are. Custom Interior Painting should be as big as the main part of the logo…this is what you do, don’t hide it!
Example 3: A company logo in pale yellow in small thin lettering on a light gold truck. Ouch! Who is going to see that traveling down the road at 30, 40 or even 55 miles an hour? I barely saw it parked in the parking lot.

Hey, I’ll put an ad in the newspaper! Why? Who’s the newsapaper’s readers? What area do they cover? How often are you going to advertise with this newspaper? Are you going to be able to afford it? Once you start advertising you must continue – to make a difference.

Samuel Little Graphic Design has helped many companies and individuals make marketing and advertising decisions since 1995. We know what questions to ask. Who is your customer? How are you going to market to them? Why do they want your product? What’s the most cost effective way to marketing to your customer? How much is a customer worth to you? We help you with these questions and more questions to find the answers so you know how to market your business.

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We could write a book on all of the marketing strategies there are for businesses.
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