Benefits: Top of Mind Awareness

An email to a friend.

Friend, I think you should get more involved with LinkedIn.
I’m seeing more benefits as I explore LinkedIn.

Do you think you have time to add more connections to your LinkedIn?
As you said, Samuel your in LinkedIn all the time. Yea, I’m in there everyday now.
Once you build your network you can stay on “top of mind awareness” with your network and the entire LinkedIn network.

Today I discovered “polls”. It would be great for you (friend is in the financial biz) to send out a poll asking about people’s investments or ask questions about the market.
Do you think we are still in a recession? Yes-No
What investments do you have for retirement?
401K, Stocks/Bonds, Savings, Can in the backyard/mattress
But first, you need to have a network. It’s very easy…send an invitation to the ones you know…and they accept… very simple. No, I can’t do it for you.
After you connect with others look at their connections…most of the time they know ppl you know…then invite…that makes it easier so you don’t have to look up their email addresses.
You know how it is…you’ve used LinkedIn…you’ve research other peoples connections and then asked them about their connections…that’s fine, ppl have to be reminded.