is your site online? who would know? the answer: web site monitoring

samuel little graphic design offers new service to web site owners – web site monitoring.
who’s watching your site? is your web site live? if your web site goes off-line, who’s to know?
if you need to know if your web site or web pages are online or not we have a service that monitors your site, any site not just the ones we host. we also provide a report of uptime and downtime stats.

here’s how it works:
1) we set up the monitoring system for your web site and or pages
2) the site is searched for in set time intervals
3) if the site or pages are off-line the system sends an email or text message to our support team
4) support team finds resolution to the problem
5) your site is back on-line without your worries

give us a call at 804.545.7503 or visit us at and we’ll set you up today.

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