in the middle – part one

after moving back to my parents house (from “in the beginning – part two”) to regroup, i collected all of my resources and picked where do i want to live. long story short, virginia. i had been to virginia before when i was on a boy scout contengient to the 1981 national scout jamboree in fort hill virginia and also i had a childhood friend that lived in amelia virginia.

so i was determined to live in virginia. my biggest and most resourceful resource was the boy scout council in richmond virginia, where introduced myself to the program director there. he and i hit it off and he was willing to help me relocate and find a job there (believe me this whole move to virginia is several stories long). just to let you in now…i’m an eagle scout with 3 palms and i was so involved with scouting as a kid and into my young adult life that i was considering scouting as a career…that’s how much i loved scouting. so with having earned my eagle scout ranking, it opened many new doors for me. scouting is also where i learned to set goals and to be a leader.

once i had made contact with my friend and the council and had a few job interviews lined up…i remember it well. i told my parents i was moving to virginia and their response was “ok”. just ok? is that all? not how are you going to get there? do you have any money? when are you leaving? nothing but just ok. my parents have always supported me in everything that i do. but have given me the freedom to do it my way and on my own. so i did it.

i told my parents when i was leaving and i packed up my truck with everything i could live with and nothing i could live without. i had never done anything like this before.

my realization was from this day forward will be all “new”, roads untraveled, people unmet, experiences anew. like going were no sam has gone before. an endless journey.

stay tuned for the next story when sam says this is what i’ve always wanted.