Improve your company brand by using a domain e-mail address

Potential Client: Here’s a potential client that says we can’t spend anything on advertising because of the down economy. Wellll, you’ve got to start somewhere and here it is. This potential client’s email address is:

One inexpensive tip:
Just think about this.
Every time you send out an email which is about how many a day (I sent out 39 email today – 021810)?
You’re advertising for hotmail (aol, comcast, verizon, earthlink, etc.) and not your company by using a hotmail email acct. and not your own

One small step…one step in improving your brand.

You may ask…Well, Samuel how do I fix this?
There’s not a way to get around it in Hotmail…they still get their plug in on the bottom of every email.
You need to move to Gmail (free) or Yahoo Plus (19.99/yr.)
I’ve been with Yahoo Plus for several years and it’s worked great for me, however Jan. 2010, I moved to gmail because of the new smartphones and I use their online calendar…Google has a lot of free services and products available. For me, they rank right up there with Apple. You think it…it can be done.

So, where do you start? Purchase a domain from and we’ll do the rest for a set up/training fee.

Benefits of having a domain email address:
-Your email address never changes as long as you renew your domain.
-Your email address can be whatever you want: services@, Joe.Jones@, work@, Me@, etc.
-You can forward your email to another email address which is what we are recommended above (I can explain later).
-You brand your business with every email that goes out and in.
-If people can’t remember your web site address they can assume that it’s the same as your “domain” email address.

So, if you want to look smart, never have to change your email address, build your business brand…contact Samuel Little Graphic Design at 804-545-7503 or visit us on the web at We’ll get you started.