E-mail and Business Marketing Tips

Hello Potential Client,
Thanks for your email. Your right, videos are becoming a part of web site design to bring in customers. As a web development company, we are exploring those opportunities right now…luckily you’ve contacted us at the right time.

I would like to have a video for SLGD.com but first…I would need to get a script together and I’m a little camera shy. I feel that if I’m going to produce videos for a client, I would need to know the process first hand.

Secondly, your first outreach to me shows you could use some marketing help. We specialize in marketing and advertising for businesses (online and in print) in the Richmond metro area, focusing most of our energies in Chesterfield County. SLGD.com has developed and maintained over 70 web sites since 1995 and has a consistent client base of about 20 main clients.

Here are a few FREE tips to help you in your marketing efforts:
(You can do all of this on your own but I would advise you to consult a professional marketer like www.SLGD.com, so that your message and brand are consistent, effective and worthwhile.)
1) It’s not ethical to send out an email to many people with their emails visible. I for one, (and others should too) am very picky with who has my email address because of spamming, viruses and the such.

Instead, use a service called Constant Contact. With SLGD’s link you can get a 60 day FREE trial by going to http://www.slgd.com/business-resources.html and clicking on the Constant Contact banner. Once you’ve signed up, (no credit card required) you can pick templates and design your email marketing email very easily. I have several clients using this service and used SLGD’s help to make it effective.

2) I noticed that you mention the services of ****** ********* that you are using. I don’t feel it’s necessary for you to mention them. Even if they are making the offer…make this offer your own…build your brand, not there’s. Use them as a third party vendor. You may have used them in your email to help with credibility. I looked you up online and you have enough credibility out there for people to know you’re legit.

Do you have a web site? I didn’t see it in your email. We need to speak so you can make your mark on the internet, effectively.
Can I give you a call next week? What day and time would be convenient for you?
Thanks again for the inquiry.