Great Customer Service!

Here’s a recent email reply to one of our clients from our web designer. I think it’s worth posting:

Client (the name has been changed to protect the innocent),

You’re welcome. We just ask for email because we may misunderstand what
you want or may lose the paper that the changes are written on. Using
email allows for a record and a clear statement of what the client

But if you’re more comfortable using the phone, then we’ll make an
exception for your case. We want to make you happy and leave you with
good feelings toward SLGD.

If you are going to call, we just ask that you don’t call on Fridays;
we’re laying out a newspaper for another client and the deadline is at
5pm, so its really busy around here then.

Also, the changes you requested have been made. Please review and
approve. You can view the site at:

Shariq Torres, Web Designer

Samuel Little Graphic Design
Tel: 804.545.7503