email signatures

email signatures are a very important marketing tool. email signatures can be added at the end of every email that’s sent. signatures allow the user to template (say you will) the things that the user uses over and over all the time. if the user starts out every email address with hello and end it with sincerely yours. instead of typing that out everytime…use the signature to enter that information everytime the user sends an email. now the most important reason for using a signature is to have name, company contact information or personal contact information at the end of every email. this way the user is marketing the brand. it’s another reminder of what the user does and also sometimes the receiver wants to call or snailmail the sender and the contact information is readily available rather than having to look it up. to set up a signature in most all email software applications including outlook…go to the drop down menu “tools” select “options” then select the “signatures” tab. there you can figure out what to do next. if not, seek professional help.

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