Email newsletters send readers to your website

Hello Client,
I hope all is well with you all.
Did you get my postcard a few weeks ago?
Sorry, I wasn’t able to make the outdoor living event you had recently. It was on my calendar.

Good job on your first email newsletter!

Can I offer you some suggestions and tips?
Email newsletters are meant to take you to a website for more information. You have a brief article and put “…read more” at the end to link to your web site where the rest of the article is. It’s about leading them to your website where there is more information and then they browse your site for additional information.
I hear the clients say “I didn’t know you do that”…well now they can see what you do by leading them to your website by other pretenses.

Here’s a few tips:
-Make sure you check all words for misspellings.
-A picture is worth a thousand words and it captures your audiences attention longer.
-You want links from your newsletter to your website (for more information, read more – link to site or to facebook)
-Within the text if there can be a link…link it.
-It’s good to have links to the interior of your website rather than just a link to the homepage.
-I think the rebate and the cooking classes were the most important parts of this newsletter and should be at the top.

I want to tell you this before someone else does:
If you want all of this to work much better for you…I’d suggest a website redesign. But sometimes you/we don’t always have all the time or money we need to make these changes.

Times (web development) have changed.
SLGD is constructing websites to where you can make updates to the site. And again sometimes while this sounds good, it takes manpower (womanpower) on your part to make the updates (or you can send the changes to me and I’ll update them).

We can redesign your site and you’ll have access for updating everything.
For now, we can add a blog…which will allow you to add what you want (text/pictures/links) so that you can have brief articles in your newsletter that will link to the bigger article in your blog that’s connected to your website.

As you know all of this internet stuff interconnects…your website, other websites, email newsletter, facebook, twitter, linkedin and on and on.

Let me know what you want me to do and we’ll move forward.

I did get your code for the email newsletter and will add that soon.
I look forward to seeing your next newsletter!