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I recently received a blind email from a vendor. He was promoting his business by sending an email out to his clients, family and friends to wish them a happy new year and to tell them about his business, what they do and their target market. The email had too much text and was hard to read. Of course, I fired back an email with some tips.
-First, give a brief description in who you are.
-Then, when talking about your biz in what you do…put them in bullet points:
• advertising design
• web site design
• hosting
-Putting items in bullet points allows the reader to scan the list quickly…in a paragraph form it will not be read.
-Don’t give long explanations about why people need your service.

His sentence: We are looking for: Home based businesses that have a challenge finding reliable technical help that will suit their needs as well as ensure that they stay up and running.
Revised: Home based businesses that need IT support

After sending him my reply…with a reply he agreed that the email was too long and that I was right in my marketing points.

Then, I responded in an email with a another tip.
This is my actually email reply:
Also you really need to run this through Constant Contact.
It gives you an opening rate of emails and reports that are very valuable to let you know who, what, where, when.
Is it worth $15/mo. for you to know who is opening your messages? When they are opening your messages? How many times they open your messages? etc.
They also have a Survey (to send out) which I think is very important for your company or any service company. If you think you don’t have time we can manage it for you.
This was his reply:
Yeah constant contact is really cool but I’m trying to keep the overhead low.
This was my reply:
Ok, last question(s)/tip.
What was the time worth – the time you spent on constructing that email?
What was it’s outcome? Did it work? Would it be worth doing it again?
Constant Contact gives you reports so you “will have” these answers and how to best plan for the next one.

Summary: Anytime you do a marketing campaign
• seek a professional like
• you need a plan of attack – what vehicle or medium and why
• how are you going to track it’s outcome
• is it worth doing again based on the results

Constant Contact is the leading email marketing campaign program. It’s very easy to use and everyone is familiar with it.
Call us if you have questions or go here to sign up:
Do-It-Yourself Email Marketing
We recommend it!

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