E-Newsletter Tips

Hello potential client,
Your web site, at a glance, looks great. But your e-newsletter needs improvement.
Tips: A picture is worth a thousand words. Text is too small. In your next e-newsletter only have 2-3 offers/service sections; people don’t have a lot of time to read everything. Remember this is a monthly e-newsletter, don’t blow all of your information in the first month. The point of a e-newsletter is to: 1) keep your business on a “top of mind awareness” to the reader, 2) give important helpful tips with links back to your web site for more information.
When the reader is directed (by a link) to your web site the possible annoyance of the e-newsletter goes away because they are at your web site now and can review the information freely.

Even though you do want to give the reader the option to opt-out, don’t say it in your newsletter…there is an option for that at the bottom of the newsletter. Basically you are saying (with the link)…Opt-out.

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Thank you for this opportunity.