domain importance

everyone should have a domain. everytime someone sends an aol email, who gets recognition? aol. because the receiver sees aol. that’s branding for aol. that’s why aol is not conductive to business. because they don’t allow users to use their internet access service and send emails using a domain name email address. it’s almost just like any other service…we see emails from,, you can use their internet access service but you have the choice of using a domain name to send and reply emails. but if you use the internet access service company’s email address, who are you advertising for? who’s brand are you building? oh, hey bob, oh hey betty, oh hey john is using as their internet access service provider…comcast must be a great service provider so i should use them.

as i said before in “yahoo is a better deal” post. coupling yahoo plus with a domain is a powerful marketing tool. everytime an email is sent and replied with a domain email address it’s marketing the brand.

if you’re not an internet pro, like me, contact us and we’ll help you through to choosing the right domain for you and set you up with yahoo email services so you can marketing your brand for as long as you own your domain. visit us at

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