Protect your smartphone like you would your PC

Here’s an article from Trend Micro an Internet Security Software company.
Something to think about before it’s too late.

While malicious viruses, worms and spyware continue to plague unprotected computers and laptops, your smartphone may not be as safe as you think it is. As smartphones become more prevalent and better at handling tasks like trading stocks, paying bills and buying stuff online, that makes them much more attractive to hackers looking to steal personal data. Read more…

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See here for smartphone security software.

Samuel Little Graphic Design recommends Trend Micro for internet security software. We use it on our one PC. Our workstations are all Apple (Mac) and the vulnerabilities are not present as they are with PCs. Buy a Mac.

Software deals for students

I’ve known this for some time but it has recently come to my attention that you need to know about this…my daughter (college student) is taking advantage of it. College students, teachers and even high school students can take advantage to HUGE discounts (50-75%) on software.

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