Dave Saunders recommends – and I agree

I recently attended 2 events (Coffee Talk with the Chesterfield County Chamber of Commerce and The Powhatan Chamber of Commerce luncheon) having Dave Saunders of Madison and Main to speak on social media.
Samuel Little Graphic Design has recently positioned itself to handle the services and principles that Dave is talking about. I will explain them after each point that Dave makes.
Remember: You are not going to be able to take the easy way to market yourself online. You’re just spinning your wheels and spending money with no return. You’ve got to dive in a do it right. Now, I know it seems overwhelming…but we are going to help you though it. It does require time. We have plans to take each component one at a time and build up to where you need to be marketing to your customers.

Here’s what Dave said.
5 things you should be doing long-term:
1) Bring awareness to your brand through social media
Be on all networks where people are. Not everyone communicates through Facebook, some through Twitter, some through LinkedIn. Be where the people are. We help you get there…call us.
2) Be proactive in customer service
If there is a problem fix it before the word gets out.
3) Position yourself as an expert
How do you do that? Contact us on how…we have services in place to do that.
4) Customer engagement
Engage the customer into whatever you are offering. Ask questions on what their challenges are and then fix it.
5) Use search engine optimization and or social media optimization
Optimize your website and social media outlets for keywords that people search for. We can help you do that.

7 things to do now:
1) Improve your website
Is your website old? Do you hate your website? Is your website not performing as it should and being a hindrance to your over all plan? Call us we can help.
2) Stake your claim
Why are all of the domains taken? Because they are all bought up. Stake your claim with social media services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, etc. You want to have your company name with these services before someone else does. Having your name with these services is important for when people want to find you.
3) Get a blog
We have blogging services. We can set up a blog for you and training you how to blog or if you don’t have time we can blog for you. Give us a call.
4) Create multi-media content
Create original content. Content that is yours. Google loves fresh content. Not content that someone else wrote and then you linked to it. Fresh content is blog writing, photo and video posting. We can help you with this content and to get it online in the right places that matter.
5) Quality over quantity
Only send out good content that’s when people listen. If you don’t think it’s beneficial to your customer don’t post it.
6) Cross pollinate
We have services that cross pollinate. Make a post on your blog and link it to all of your social networks, post it on another website, send the post in an email, send out a press release. We can help you do all of these things systematically. We can do this, call us.
7) Use Twitter as a PR tool
If you’ve got an event or something that the press needs to know about, tweet it to the press. Through twitter you can be one on one with members of the press. They are always looking for good content.

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LinkedIn.com Benefits: Top of Mind Awareness

An email to a friend.

Friend, I think you should get more involved with LinkedIn.
I’m seeing more benefits as I explore LinkedIn.

Do you think you have time to add more connections to your LinkedIn?
As you said, Samuel your in LinkedIn all the time. Yea, I’m in there everyday now.
Once you build your network you can stay on “top of mind awareness” with your network and the entire LinkedIn network.

Today I discovered “polls”. It would be great for you (friend is in the financial biz) to send out a poll asking about people’s investments or ask questions about the market.
Do you think we are still in a recession? Yes-No
What investments do you have for retirement?
401K, Stocks/Bonds, Savings, Can in the backyard/mattress
But first, you need to have a network. It’s very easy…send an invitation to the ones you know…and they accept… very simple. No, I can’t do it for you.
After you connect with others look at their connections…most of the time they know ppl you know…then invite…that makes it easier so you don’t have to look up their email addresses.
You know how it is…you’ve used LinkedIn…you’ve research other peoples connections and then asked them about their connections…that’s fine, ppl have to be reminded.

Business Social Medias

Today, I attended a social networking seminar presented by Nhat Pham (http://www.linkedin.com/in/nhatpham) with the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce on LinkedIn, Facebook for businesses and Twitter. Even though I have been LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/in/samuellittle) for about a year now, it was good to hear it from an expert like Nhat. The seminar was just today so I haven’t been able to use what I’ve learned…I’ll have more posts on that later. One thing that I did do immediately is put my LinkedIn web address link on my email signature.
My first impression from a marketing stand point is that users can target their market like never before! Focus on your target.

In LinkedIn there are many ways you can focus on what it is that you do best and present yourself as such on your LinkedIn pages over a broad network. You can research companies and individuals that you want to contact. As Nhat said, people will answer a LinkedIn email quicker than regular email…I think most likely because you’re apart of a common group.

As for Facebook for business, again…tailor your page to what your target market is. I don’t have much to say about this right now…I’ll post more later once I set up my Facebook page.

As for Twitter, Nhat said you can search anything…the whole Twitt network. That’s amazing! Search by keyword, demographics and the lot to see what people are talking about on any subject you want. I’m going to research this and see if it will be beneficial to me. I’ll get back to you on that as well.

Nhat spoke of a website called Ping.fm. A web site that allows you to update all of your social networks at once. This could be very helpful in getting your messages out but remember that most medias have a character count limit…so you need to know what that is before your words get cut off.

Another tool is Google Alerts. Nhat said that through Google Alerts you can be alerted when someone is searching for your name or company name. So when I’m alerted then what do I do with that information? I don’t know, but I’m going to find out. I think that’s very interesting.

This is all of the information I have for now from my seminar this morning…I’ll be back with more as I learn more.

One other thing that Nhat said which I thought was really funny. At the beginning of the meeting his “PC” was going so slow to pull up movies, links and web sites…he said and I quote…”I wish I had brought my Mac”. Why did he say that?…because Macs work. Sorry, I just had to mention that…I’m a 25 year + veteran of Apple MacIntosh products….from the MacPlus (1985) onward.

091909: I thought this was really funny…Nhat Pham said put your photo in your profile …nobody knows you as a lighthouse or as Garfield or as a cartoon.  LOL. Show your FACE!
Remember people always say “It hard for me to remember names”. But it’s easy to remember FACES.

Nhat also mentioned Hi-Tech and Hi-Touch. Hi-Tech is using the online services to connect but we also need to remember that we need Hi-Touch as well to make those connections real. He said to go from Hi-Touch to Hi-Tech and back to Hi-Touch to form bonding relationships. Like, I was telling a colleague of mine… I Hi-Touch and Hi-Tech, then when I go to organization meetings or industry trade shows I use those events as a vehicle to get back to Hi-Touch.

I also want to thank John Tyler Community College (Chester) for allowing us to use their facility for the seminar.

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