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Action Tech logo versions designed by Samuel Little Graphic Design & Marketing
Action Tech logo versions designed by Samuel Little Graphic Design & Marketing

Recently, the Director of Operations of Action Tech contacted me from a search on the Internet for “Graphic designer, Midlothian, VA”. With a high ranking for those keywords, Graphic designer, Midlothian, VA on Google, after reviewing my website ( and contacting me, he determined that I was a fit for them to redevelop their logo, business cards, shirts and soon to be website.

Action Tech has been established for over 29 years. They had outgrown their logo and need a new look. Anytime I look at someones branding I determine if they need a whole new logo design or if I need to just change it a little. I don’t see the opportunity to design whatever type of logo I want. I some cases you don’t want to destroy someone’s brand that they’ve had for many years and everyone knows them by that branding logo. Most of the time I incorporate the color, font or shape of the old logo design into the new logo design…which is what I had done with Action Tech.

When choosing a logo designer
Not just anyone can design a logo. The designer has to have foresight into how you are going to use the logo design and where. It has to be high resolution so that it can be used in many ways. It has to represent your company and ideals. The logo designer must ask many questions before designing a logo…this logo is going to present your company for many years to come. Choose Samuel Little Graphic Design as your logo designer and give us a call.

If you feel that your logo is outdated and needs a refresher…give Samuel a call at (804) 601-0545 to discuss.

Action Tech – Located near historic Richmond, Virginia, for over 29 years Action Tech has been providing executive search services, staff augmentation, staffing management, and safety training services (OSHA, Hazwoper, First Aid, CPR, etc.) to over 300 energy companies, government organizations, professional firms, and industrial organizations.

Expertise and diligence gets results for client

Our client, Debi Girvin of the Lochlyn Company has reported that her company has received calls from several businesses in New York that seek her human resource services after a Richmond Time Dispatch story broke on August 22, 2011. We account this success to joint efforts between Samuel Little Graphic Design, Debi Girvin and the Richmond Times Dispatch with getting the information online through social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and blogs. By working diligently to get the word out by merely cross linking to the story and other networks we were able to get widespread recognition for the Lochlyn Company. Samuel Little Graphic Design can do the same for you.

Samuel Little Graphic Design can consult you on how to get recognized in your target market and the result is, more business. Samuel Little Graphic Design provides 3 cores services to small businesses in Chesterfield County, Virginia:
Website Development
Print Design Services
Marketing and Advertising

Need to streamline your marketing efforts? Confused as to what to do next? Give Samuel Little, President of Samuel Little Graphic Design a call (804-601-0545) for a free consultation to discuss your next step in marketing your business, product or service.