Job Search 101 – Getting back to the basics

A job search is not what it used to be or is it?

I find too often that when others are finding a job they are using only the Internet. Using the Internet is all fine but you’ve got to get out there and do the ground work first then use the Internet as a tool not as the only way to go. Fundamentals from the ole days still work.

Here’s a few tips on how to find a job:
-Get your resume together that is presentable in a Word.doc and a PDF document.
-Get some business cards with your information on them (business cards are not just for business…it has your contact information on it).

-Find someone you know that is a member of an organization and ask if you can go along with them to their events. Once you are at the event, introduce yourself to the people there and let them know what you are looking for. Ask them for their business card and then offer them yours. Build a database of contacts to use on the Internet.
-After visiting several events people will ask you to join them to go to other networking functions and then you’re on a roll.
-Find someone that is well connected with the business community and see if they will help you by introducing you to others*.

Using the Internet as a tool:
-Use as a way to broadcast your need and stay in front of the people you’ve met.
-Ask everyone you’ve met to link to you through After you link with them look at their LinkedIn connections to see who you know and then ask them to link to you…shortly you’ll build a large database of people you know.
-*Ask your new business connections if they will broadcast your profile address with a little note to their LinkedIn network.

Rules – there are no rules:
-There are not rules to finding a job. You got to put yourself out there. Do things that others will not do.
-Remember the interview starts from the first contact. How you present yourself is huge.
-Go door to door…sometimes make a fool of yourself…ok maybe not. You never know what’s going to happen.
-Some employers say do not call us. Well then, find someone that knows someone in the company and have them call for you. You’ve got to get around the gate keeper.
-When I looked for a job, I never went through HR. They don’t make the final decision. The person you will work with does. You need to find a way around HR or the gate keeper.

Ok, you loose your job, you get unemployment benefit checks…don’t get comfortable. It takes along time to get a job. Even if you interview for a job, in most cases it will still take 4 to 6 weeks before you’re hired. Other people’s priorities are not the same as your priorities…they have no urgency.

From my point of view…others have a different view. But in my view, I take whatever job I can get as long as it is in my field of expertise. We are not in the times of pick and choose. This is what I hear a lot of “I really just want part-time (job) but will take full time if it is worth my while, i.e., not too far away, salary competitive, and stress level, etc.  I have not been out too much yet because I am getting unemployment…” Are you kidding me! I believe the tune will change when they are faced with starvation, creditors, foreclosure and even homelessness. Times can get bad real quick.

Get out into the public face to face…there are a lot of people that want to help you.
By using these same fundamentals, (before the Internet existed) I was able to find work before the unemployment paperwork went through…in about 2 weeks. And yes, I’ve been unemployed for 7 months once. I begged for a job that I hated. But then I found a better job very quickly. Because of my industry “graphic design and advertising”, I’ve lost my job 5 times in my career to layoffs, closings and even a firing that has driven me to be self-employed for over 17 years. In those years of finding a job I did many things that others will not do.

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Little honored as Member of the Month

Samuel Little (right), president of Samuel Little Graphic Design, was named the Chesterfield County Chamber of Commerce’s July Member of the Month. Mark James, the chamber’s chairman, presented Little with the award. Little serves on the chamber’s events/wine committee. He’s also designed a logo for a new chamber program, revamped the chamber’s newsletter template, used Facebook for event promotion and helped staff events. Samuel Little Graphic Design is a web development and print design company and has been in business since 1995. Article in Chesterfield Observer newspaper.

Photo courtesy of Chesterfield County Chamber of Commerce

Saving on movie video rentals

I’ve been using for a while now. I like it much better than NetFlix. Basically, RedBox is best for those that only watch a video/movie every now and then and only costs $1.06 a movie. NetFlix charges $8.99/mo. even if you don’t use the service. With NetFlix you’d have to watch 9 movies a month (2 movies a weekend) to break even on what you would spend for RedBox. Yea, NetFlix is convenient but there is still a process which you have to follow. RedBox can be very convenient too, they’re everywhere and if there is a specific movie you want…you can order it online at a convenient location near you.Ah Ha! You can also get movies when you are out of town. Go to…find a movie, then find a location nearest you…pay for it online, then pick it up. Very easy.
Rating: (1-10, 10 being best) 10

Explore and learn at the Virginia Aquarium, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Today, we visited the Virginia Aquarium, Virginia Beach, Virginia.
If you like marine life this is the place to go.

Where else in Virginia is there a Virginia Aquarium? No where…so this must be the best in Virginia right? Right.
The aquarium was very well represented…affordable, friendly, knowledgeable staff, clean and good amenities.
They offer a combo deal to see one of two IMAX movies about marine life.

They have a small grill cafe that serves anything from hamburgers to coffee at a very affordable price. The hamburger platter was $6, not like other similar places. Every time I go to a museum or facility like this one …I already know to eat there is going to be expense. But this wasn’t the case. I hope that facilities like this one realize that if they make their prices reasonable then people will buy and will have a better time enjoying the experience.

Best to go in the off season…less crowds, less noise.
Rating: (1-10, 10 being best) 10.

Snow Storm 013010 – Midlothian, VA

At Samuel Little Graphic Design office at 1659 Oak Lake Blvd, Midlothian, VA 23112, during snow storm on January 30, 2010, supporting clients.
At Samuel Little Graphic Design office at 1659 Oak Lake Blvd, Midlothian, VA 23112, during snow storm on January 30, 2010, supporting clients.

I had to venture out in the snow this morning to the office. I had to get proofs out for the publisher of the Chesterfield Observer to proof for Monday press time. The news is calling for snow all day on Saturday (January 30, 2010). So I figured I better get to the office early (8:30am) while it’s only 2 inches of snow.

I had already prepared for the snow so it was easy getting out of the driveway on to the street. I took it slow because I couldn’t see the road and with the unpacked snow I was sliding around a bit. No one was really out so I was not going to sit in a snow storm for a red light to change…its just not safe.

Note: I’m not one to venture out into any storm unless it’s for family, friend or client. I don’t have to show that I’m invincible or prove that I’m a man. I’m just fine staying where it’s safe and maintaining my house from the weather.

While I was out you would be amaze or maybe not that there are people out there driving a white car in a snow storm with no headlights on. Sheeesh, that just drives me crazy.

I was at the office for about an hour and 1 inch of snow had fallen in that time. (Total as of 7:15pm, about 9-11 inches has fallen here at my house.) As I was traveling back home there were a few more people out so I had to stop for red lights and a few people in sports cars.

Luckily for me and my clients, I do have an office at the house…so I can make my promises that I would get their work done over the weekend.

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