Why it’s important to have a target market

Samuel Little Graphic Design’s Target Market: 9 radius miles from zip code 23112
Samuel Little Graphic Design’s Target Market: 9 radius miles from zip code 23112

We hear from the experts saying pick a target market whether it be geographic and/or demographic. In my experience, with small business owners, they think of a target that’s demographic and don’t really think much about geographic markets. A business that has a service that targets a type of person by age, race, gender, education, etc., that’s demographic. While a geographic targeting is the location of the business and what’s around it. Samuel Little Graphic Design (SLGD) focuses on a geographical target. Now the experts say pick a target and then market to that target. A new business owner finds this is very hard to do when he/she are just starting a business because the they see “every” person in “any” location as a target with immediate benefits. But its wastes time and money in the long run.

Now, I get razzed a lot because my target market is “small businesses within 9 radius miles of zip code 23112.” I typically say “my target market is 12 radius miles from where ever I’m standing” which usually gets a laugh and could mean many things, like for an example: I rarely get out of my target market, if I’m in another city my target is 12 radius miles from that point on the map, etc. Actually for me, it means 9 radius miles from my office in Midlothian, because when I stay in my target market…I’m focused.

Target Marketing allows a business to set goals to be focused and to stay within that goal no matter what. It’s a challenge to stay focused within a market when there are other opportunities outside of your market. But when you stray from your goals (your target) you’ll waste time, money and resources that could have been used efficiently in your target. I’m not perfect, I stray sometimes from my target and when I do, I feel it. I ask myself “why did you do that?” And I learn not to do that anymore. Stay focused, it will help you in the long run.

Now on the flip side. Because I’ve chosen 9 radius miles of zip code 23112 does not mean that I can not have clients outside of that area. I have clients all over the United States. But guess what. Those clients originated from within my target market. The leads came from my target market. That’s what I’m explaining here, focus on your target market and still take the outer laying clients outside of your target. Prime example: A person in Midlothian, referred me to a client in Richmond that has clients in Texas which referred me to 3 other clients. So, by focusing on one target I was able to receive 5 clients.

7 reason’s why I chose a geographic target:
1) Save on marketing dollars
2) Dominate that area as the “go to person” for your expertise
3) Save time and resources with meetings
4) Word of mouth spreads quicker
5) Branding more recognizable
6) Able to connect with other businesses/people with a commonality
7) Able to connect with local organizations

Take aways:
People say “I see you everywhere.” No, just everywhere in a very small space.
When they see my business card they say “I’ve seen this somewhere.”
When I go places my presence precedes me because of my focus on branding.

You can’t be all things, to all people, everywhere unless you are Coca-Cola. Or now I should say, as Google.

Ok. So. If you don’t know what your target is…whether it be demographic and/or geographic…give Samuel Little a call at 804-601-0545 to help you determine what your target is and how to market to it efficiently.

Professional logo designed for Action Tech

Does your logo need refreshing?

Action Tech logo versions designed by Samuel Little Graphic Design & Marketing
Action Tech logo versions designed by Samuel Little Graphic Design & Marketing

Recently, the Director of Operations of Action Tech contacted me from a search on the Internet for “Graphic designer, Midlothian, VA”. With a high ranking for those keywords, Graphic designer, Midlothian, VA on Google, after reviewing my website (SamuelLittleGraphicDesign.com) and contacting me, he determined that I was a fit for them to redevelop their logo, business cards, shirts and soon to be website.

Action Tech has been established for over 29 years. They had outgrown their logo and need a new look. Anytime I look at someones branding I determine if they need a whole new logo design or if I need to just change it a little. I don’t see the opportunity to design whatever type of logo I want. I some cases you don’t want to destroy someone’s brand that they’ve had for many years and everyone knows them by that branding logo. Most of the time I incorporate the color, font or shape of the old logo design into the new logo design…which is what I had done with Action Tech.

When choosing a logo designer
Not just anyone can design a logo. The designer has to have foresight into how you are going to use the logo design and where. It has to be high resolution so that it can be used in many ways. It has to represent your company and ideals. The logo designer must ask many questions before designing a logo…this logo is going to present your company for many years to come. Choose Samuel Little Graphic Design as your logo designer and give us a call.

If you feel that your logo is outdated and needs a refresher…give Samuel a call at (804) 601-0545 to discuss.

Action Tech – Located near historic Richmond, Virginia, for over 29 years Action Tech has been providing executive search services, staff augmentation, staffing management, and safety training services (OSHA, Hazwoper, First Aid, CPR, etc.) to over 300 energy companies, government organizations, professional firms, and industrial organizations.

Accepting change in email

As humans, we all tend to stay with what we are comfortable with and accept change differently. Some people accept change very quickly and others like to stay in the comfort zone. And this is perfectly fine…however…

You’ll see alot of emails coming from comcast.net, verizon.net, yahoo.com, hotmail.com, etc. Everyone is business should have a domain email address. If you have a domain you should be sending email through your domain (ie services@slgd.com).
A domain email offers many benefits:
1) Your representing your business in every email. Everytime you send a comcast.net email you are advertising for Comcast. It’s a constant reminder for Comcast. It’s all about branding.
2) If you were to change your internet or email carrier you would simply redirect your email from your domain email acct. to your new carrier or not at all depending on your current email set up. No need to email the world to tell them you’ve changed your email address in the hope that you don’t miss out on any emails.
3) Email technology is changing every day…by having a domain email address it allows you to make options that do not effect the name of your email address…Make sense? (Note: I have had my same domain email address since 1998 and have changed internet or email carriers many times from Earthlink to Comcast to Verizon to Yahoo and now I’m with Google.)

How do I get started? Contact your webmaster or host provider and ask them what your options are OR contact Samuel Little Graphic Design (804-601-0545) and we can review your options. If you need a domain name contact us at 804-601-0545, services@slgd.com or visit our internet services website at http://www.slgdhosting.com to purchase your domain. You’ll be glad you did.

Here is an example of a current client with a similar challenge:
We developed a website for this client. He currently uses hotmail for email. We set up domain email for him to use instead of his hotmail acct. and instructed him on how to use it and he accepted the change. During further communications, we see that the client is not using his domain email and continues to use hotmail (Like I said, some people accept change differently).

So we asked the question:
I see you have your hotmail email account on the site and are still using that email address for communications…are you going to use that email address or use your domain email address? Because if you are, you/we’ll need to change some things to send email to your hotmail account. (Some don’t want to make the change and we don’t force them to…it’s a choice…we like to steer them in the right direction)

Client’s reply:
I don’t think the Hotmail account is a problem and no need to change anything else.
If I can give people another option to contact me more’s the better. They can still go through the web site to place orders, which is where I’ll direct anyone who contacts me personally.

Our reply:
Having different emails doesn’t give the sender options. One email address is one email address. The benefit is that YOU only have one place to go to check mail. By having 2 separate email accounts, makes it to where you have to go to 2 places to check your email…and you could forget and not check them both.
So, do you want your domain email address or your hotmail email address?
One point I’d like to make…hotmail and yahoo are notorious for getting hacked…this doesn’t happen with your domain email with us.
It’s a matter of “change”. Accepting change for the better.

Client’s Reply:
Fair comment.

Our Reply:
Ok, great thanks for accepting change.
Remember, you can keep your hotmail account for personal and from now on anything with business will be the domain email…or you can use your domain email account for all communications.
If need help with your domain email acct. let me know or your can call tech support.

So, there’s more to email than you think.
If you have any questions or want to discuss email options give me a call at 804.601-0545 or email me at services@slgd.com.
You can visit us at http://www.samuellittlegraphicdesign.com or at our internet services website at http://www.slgdhosting.com

Improve your company brand by using a domain e-mail address

Potential Client: Here’s a potential client that says we can’t spend anything on advertising because of the down economy. Wellll, you’ve got to start somewhere and here it is. This potential client’s email address is: MyName@hotmail.com

One inexpensive tip:
Just think about this.
Every time you send out an email which is about how many a day (I sent out 39 email today – 021810)?
You’re advertising for hotmail (aol, comcast, verizon, earthlink, etc.) and not your company by using a hotmail email acct. and not your own MyName@MyDomainName.com

One small step…one step in improving your brand.

You may ask…Well, Samuel how do I fix this?
There’s not a way to get around it in Hotmail…they still get their plug in on the bottom of every email.
You need to move to Gmail (free) or Yahoo Plus (19.99/yr.)
I’ve been with Yahoo Plus for several years and it’s worked great for me, however Jan. 2010, I moved to gmail because of the new smartphones and I use their online calendar…Google has a lot of free services and products available. For me, they rank right up there with Apple. You think it…it can be done.

So, where do you start? Purchase a domain from http://www.slgdhosting.com and we’ll do the rest for a set up/training fee.

Benefits of having a domain email address:
-Your email address never changes as long as you renew your domain.
-Your email address can be whatever you want: services@, Joe.Jones@, work@, Me@, etc.
-You can forward your email to another email address which is what we are recommended above (I can explain later).
-You brand your business with every email that goes out and in.
-If people can’t remember your web site address they can assume that it’s the same as your “domain” email address.

So, if you want to look smart, never have to change your email address, build your business brand…contact Samuel Little Graphic Design at 804-545-7503 or visit us on the web at http://www.slgd.com. We’ll get you started.