Be Very Careful Spending Marketing Dollars

Don’t throw away your money. Be very careful this year in spending your marketing dollars.

I see so many businesses spending dollars on advertising products that either in my opinion does not work or is not clearly marketing to their target. It sounds good in theory and makes sense but not really.

Don’t be spontaneous in marketing decisions. Think it through.
If your contacted by a rep over the phone have them send you the materials via email so that you can make an informed decision.
-First, before costs, “is this serving my target market?”
-How can I leverage this marketing opportunity with my other forms of marketing?
-Is this something I would do long term? Would I make a campaign out of it and do it every year?
-Can I partner with another business on this venture?
There are many questions to ask before asking…how much is it.

And lastly, give me, Samuel Little at Samuel Little Graphic Design a call (804) 601-0545 for a free marketing consultation before making any decisions. I am passionate about what I do and cringe at the some of the things that businesses spend their marketing dollars on. Please give me a call (804) 601-0545 and let’s talk it through before you make a big mistake.

Samuel Little Graphic Design can consult you on how to get recognized in your target market and the result is, more business. Samuel Little Graphic Design provides 3 cores services to small businesses in Chesterfield County, Virginia:
Website Development
Print Design Services
Marketing and Advertising

Need to streamline your marketing efforts? Confused as to what to do next? Give Samuel Little, President of Samuel Little Graphic Design a call (804-601-0545) for a free consultation to discuss your next step in marketing your business, product or service.

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Decisions on Marketing Opportunities

Professional logo designed for Action Tech

Does your logo need refreshing?

Action Tech logo versions designed by Samuel Little Graphic Design & Marketing
Action Tech logo versions designed by Samuel Little Graphic Design & Marketing

Recently, the Director of Operations of Action Tech contacted me from a search on the Internet for “Graphic designer, Midlothian, VA”. With a high ranking for those keywords, Graphic designer, Midlothian, VA on Google, after reviewing my website ( and contacting me, he determined that I was a fit for them to redevelop their logo, business cards, shirts and soon to be website.

Action Tech has been established for over 29 years. They had outgrown their logo and need a new look. Anytime I look at someones branding I determine if they need a whole new logo design or if I need to just change it a little. I don’t see the opportunity to design whatever type of logo I want. I some cases you don’t want to destroy someone’s brand that they’ve had for many years and everyone knows them by that branding logo. Most of the time I incorporate the color, font or shape of the old logo design into the new logo design…which is what I had done with Action Tech.

When choosing a logo designer
Not just anyone can design a logo. The designer has to have foresight into how you are going to use the logo design and where. It has to be high resolution so that it can be used in many ways. It has to represent your company and ideals. The logo designer must ask many questions before designing a logo…this logo is going to present your company for many years to come. Choose Samuel Little Graphic Design as your logo designer and give us a call.

If you feel that your logo is outdated and needs a refresher…give Samuel a call at (804) 601-0545 to discuss.

Action Tech – Located near historic Richmond, Virginia, for over 29 years Action Tech has been providing executive search services, staff augmentation, staffing management, and safety training services (OSHA, Hazwoper, First Aid, CPR, etc.) to over 300 energy companies, government organizations, professional firms, and industrial organizations.

Teleconference: July 19 – Access to Capital by the NSBA

Issue Briefing: Small Business Access to Capital
Nationwide Trends and Best Practices to Improve Your Creditworthiness 

On July 19 at 1:00 p.m. EST, NSBA (National Small Business Administration) will hold an issue briefing teleconference for members to discuss access to capital and best practices in small-business finance. This teleconference will provide members with insight on various lending options and sources, the latest national trends on small-business financing, and how to avoid the most common mistakes small-business owners make when it comes to their finances.

During the call, members will hear from industry leaders on lending sources such as traditional banks, credit unions, government-backed lending programs and non-traditional lenders that are carving a new path in small-business finance. Additionally, participants will hear from a small-business finance expert with more than 20 years in the banking industry and a well-established business specializing in providing CFO-level advice to small firms.

In addition to the best practices and valuable resource information, NSBA will give a brief synopsis of its recently-released Small Business Access to Capital Survey which provides interesting trend data on the state of financial affairs for today’s small business.

Ample Q&A time will be set-aside for participants on the call to ask questions of the experts.

This quick, 45-minute teleconference can provide you with critically valuable information and insight.

Register here

Blogging? What’s that?

Why is blogging so important to your business?
By providing valuable information to share with your clients and the public it allows you to be the expert in your field. Thus giving credibility to your services which result in sales. Blogging also helps with your search engine optimization by having fresh content on your site and other places, giving you higher search rankings and building your keyword regiment. People love (current) helpful information and search engines eat up fresh content. With our plans not only will you blog but your information will be all over the internet in your social networks and email.

You may ask “well, how am I going to do all of this in addition to what I’m already doing?” We’ve set up a plan to do it all for you. You’re best at what you do and we’re best at what we do. We’ll set up an annual plan and once everything is in place, it will work like clock work. If you’re interested in knowing more about this service contact Samuel Little at 804-601-0545 or via email at

Dave Saunders recommends – and I agree

I recently attended 2 events (Coffee Talk with the Chesterfield County Chamber of Commerce and The Powhatan Chamber of Commerce luncheon) having Dave Saunders of Madison and Main to speak on social media.
Samuel Little Graphic Design has recently positioned itself to handle the services and principles that Dave is talking about. I will explain them after each point that Dave makes.
Remember: You are not going to be able to take the easy way to market yourself online. You’re just spinning your wheels and spending money with no return. You’ve got to dive in a do it right. Now, I know it seems overwhelming…but we are going to help you though it. It does require time. We have plans to take each component one at a time and build up to where you need to be marketing to your customers.

Here’s what Dave said.
5 things you should be doing long-term:
1) Bring awareness to your brand through social media
Be on all networks where people are. Not everyone communicates through Facebook, some through Twitter, some through LinkedIn. Be where the people are. We help you get there…call us.
2) Be proactive in customer service
If there is a problem fix it before the word gets out.
3) Position yourself as an expert
How do you do that? Contact us on how…we have services in place to do that.
4) Customer engagement
Engage the customer into whatever you are offering. Ask questions on what their challenges are and then fix it.
5) Use search engine optimization and or social media optimization
Optimize your website and social media outlets for keywords that people search for. We can help you do that.

7 things to do now:
1) Improve your website
Is your website old? Do you hate your website? Is your website not performing as it should and being a hindrance to your over all plan? Call us we can help.
2) Stake your claim
Why are all of the domains taken? Because they are all bought up. Stake your claim with social media services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, etc. You want to have your company name with these services before someone else does. Having your name with these services is important for when people want to find you.
3) Get a blog
We have blogging services. We can set up a blog for you and training you how to blog or if you don’t have time we can blog for you. Give us a call.
4) Create multi-media content
Create original content. Content that is yours. Google loves fresh content. Not content that someone else wrote and then you linked to it. Fresh content is blog writing, photo and video posting. We can help you with this content and to get it online in the right places that matter.
5) Quality over quantity
Only send out good content that’s when people listen. If you don’t think it’s beneficial to your customer don’t post it.
6) Cross pollinate
We have services that cross pollinate. Make a post on your blog and link it to all of your social networks, post it on another website, send the post in an email, send out a press release. We can help you do all of these things systematically. We can do this, call us.
7) Use Twitter as a PR tool
If you’ve got an event or something that the press needs to know about, tweet it to the press. Through twitter you can be one on one with members of the press. They are always looking for good content.

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