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Starbucks Rolls Out Mobile Ordering Nationwide
September 22, 2015

Starbucks Coffee Company announced the nationwide availability of Mobile Order & Pay on iOS and Android devices, a new feature of the popular Starbucks mobile app that allows customers to place and pay for their order in advance of their visit and pick it up at a participating Starbucks location. Read more…

SLGD is inline with this offering to local independent restaurants.
Offering online ordering services to local restaurants with managed marketing. Our services include iOS and Android apps, Facebook ordering app, loyalty program, email and txt message marketing, pop-up messages and coupons. Our online ordering service is accessible with desktop, mobile and tablet devices.
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4 Effective Restaurant Marketing Campaigns

Here’s an article from Pizza Marketplace.
They make very good points about the restaurant marketing services that we provide.
They’re talking about the pizza industry and how selling pizza-by-the-slice has its challenges in marketing and ROI.
These same marketing practices go for other non-pizza restaurants as well.

Best practices for marketing pizza-by-the-slice to customers
The strategy behind marketing pizza-by-the-slice comes down to grasping one big-picture perspective (true for marketing any item with a low price point and high level of customization): Every tactic used to market pizza-by-the-slice should focus on increasing customer visit frequency.

Big picture, getting a customer to buy just one slice of pizza will not get you anywhere. Sure, aggressive acquisition marketing will drive more foot traffic, but if none of those individuals comes back, you can’t break even — new customer acquisition is too expensive to cover the cost of a pizza slice. Moreover, a focus on increasing average check size won’t work — by definition, you’re marketing an item attractive because of its low price.

Instead, focus on increasing visit frequency to find success. Every incremental customer visit you add counts as a huge win.

Here are four strong starting points for effective, frequency-focused marketing campaigns:

Incentivize existing customers to visit at different times
Send an incentive to current weekend customers to stop by during off-peak weekday hours (and vice versa for weekday customers coming in during off-peak weekend hours). Inform frequent dinner customers about lunch specials (and again, vice versa). In addition to filling your restaurant during off peak hours, which drives passerby traffic, you’ll also work toward establishing a different (and additional) type of habitual behavior from your loyalists.
SLGD: With our online ordering services, we can track their ordering habits and steer them to continue to order at that same time by offering discounts via email or txt.

Deliver bounce-back promotions to earn immediate repeat business
Oftentimes, pizza operators mistake a single sale as a job well done. In fact, the work has just begun. The day a customer makes a purchase, send them an email or push notification not only thanking them for coming by, but inviting them to come back in the future. Add an incentive to this “bounce-back” promotion if you want to sweeten the deal, as customers who feel appreciated inevitably visit more often.
SLGD: With our online ordering services, we can automatically send email and or txt messages to customers  anytime after they make a purchase for a bounce back deal.

Use location and time-based marketing to grab spur-of-the-moment traffic
Location and time-aware promotions are ideal for increasing visit frequency. Notify loyal customers via social or mobile (email is not preferred given longer response time), about last-minute or flash deals at their favorite locations. Geo-fencing is no longer the “Big Foot” of marketing (i.e. often-talked about, seldom seen), as beacons have made geo fencing a reality. Simply install beacons in your store and use them to trigger mobile notifications to passersby about daily specials or bring-a-friend promotions.
SLGD: We are currently researching beacon companies as an add-on service to our current online ordering services.

Launch a VIP program for highest frequency customers
Rather than establish a VIP program for your highest monthly spenders, provide VIP benefits according to frequency. Deliver unique incentives and treatment for your top 15 to 25 percent of customers according to monthly visits. By rewarding frequency as your desired behavior, you align incentives — a hallmark of any effective marketing campaign.
SLGD: With our online ordering services, we have a loyalty program that rewards our highest monthly spenders to encourage frequent visits and a higher ROI.

So here it is from 2 professionals. Our online ordering services for restaurants is the new age of food purchases.
Contact us today for an in-person demo if you are in the Richmond metro area otherwise we may be ready to travel if you sign on more than 1 restaurant for our services.
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Article resource from Kane Russell is the head of marketing at Thanx, a technology company based in San Francisco that makes customer marketing easier for multi-unit pizza brands.

Us vs Them: Restaurant Online Ordering

With our restaurant online ordering system, members sign up and you get the customer’s contact information to remarket to them unlike other restaurant online ordering services.
Think about it… These other online order services that put your restaurant menu online and get a cut for every sale, are they sharing the customers contact data info with you? Most likely not. Why? Because when customer’s use their system they keep ALL of the data…customer contacts AND their buying habits.

Our restaurant online ordering services are different.
Your restaurant online ordering website is a stand alone website via desktop, tablet and or mobile. We provide you with all of the data and use it to remarket to your customers. It’s easier to keep a customer than to get a new one. We offer many benefits with our restaurant online ordering website. We manage your website, checking analytics for customer buying habits and how to get a better return on your investment. Yes, we build your database and we can remarket to your customer base via email and txt (SMS) messaging with messages and coupon offers. AND we have a loyalty program that rewards customers to keep them coming back.
Our restaurant ordering service has LOTS to offer.
Schedule a demo with us, you’ll be glad you did. Contact Samuel Little at 804-601-0545 or on this webpage.

The article from a professional that speared this post:
If you offer online ordering, make sure you are managing it. Those customers’ details are a great way to build your database and not someone else’s!
When someone places an order online these should be feeding directly into a database for you to market to, through email or SMS.
Check your online ordering system today and find out where your customers details are being stored and who is using them. Many third party online ordering businesses, do not pass on the email address to you and use it to benefit other restaurants!
Take control and start building your own database today and reap the benefits of marketing directly to your customers.

How to get your restaurant app into Millennials hands

This article speaks on security, mobile apps and mobile payments.

While it speaks of Starbucks and how they are able to corner the market on millennials using their app more than anyone else…it all comes down to starting early in the game and having a product that consumers thrive for and all the while making the app compelling like Greene Turtle Restaurants (I thought Greene Turtle was car wax hmm).

The article speaks of restaurant apps and rewards. Just the type of services that we provide to our restaurant customers. Read on.