another satisfied customer

i got a call from a friend of mine on friday 4-20-07 and he said there is a church in powhatan, manakin episcopal church, that had their hosting taken away. i believe it was a hostile take over between hosting companies and they fell through the cracks. most people don’t know all the ends and outs of hosting, domains, user names and passwords and such. that’s where we come in. we opened a hosting account for them on friday…we instructed them on how to ftp the site to the server and recovered usernames and passwords from network solutions and their site is live and online today 4-24-07. it took 2 business days to complete this transaction…another satisfied customers!

however, i do not recommend network solutions…they charge too much for services. give samuel little graphic design a call and we’ll help get you a better deal in domain name registration and hosting services.

left high and dry? don’t know where your site is hosted? don’t know where your domain is registered?
we provide web site and domain name recovery. we have clients that don’t keep up with their usernames and passwords to domains and hosting. when it comes time to changing webmasters, domain registrars and or hosting companies, webmasters need this information to make the transfer. slgd has a recovery unit that will research and find out – who, what, and where, to recover your web site and domains quickly and get you back online asap. contact us when you are in desperate need.

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