i walked in the Ukrops monument ave 10k race in richmond virginia this past weekend on march 31, 2007 to support the vcu massey cancer center in memory of my mother, sarah lee little. it was an emotional time because of the love i have for my mother and it definitely was a personal goal to reach, because no one’s going to carry me to the finish line, i’m on my own. it wasn’t much of a struggle, it’s just that it was unknown that i would finish because i had not trained as well as my first race (ntelos 8k race in richmond virginia on november 11, 2006). it was a great time. anything that is a great struggle is worth it in the end. i believe that 8k and 10k races are my mainstay…much more than that would be pushing it at my age. for more information about supporting, walking and or running in these events visit

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