a new entrepreneur + story

my nephew came to me (actually his mother) with a new company idea and wanted my help. he said the kind of phrase i like to hear…”i need a graphic designer”. now how many times do you here that? not very often because some people don’t even know what a graphic designer is…this amazes me. everybody needs a graphic designer…they just don’t know it. any way back to the story…once i understood a little about his idea we immediately bought a domain name and set up a storefront within minutes…if i had about 1 more hour we would have had something to sell…but we’ve set aside time for that later. i really think this is going to take off…it’s a great idea and if we work hard enough on it this could be something.

note: i hear people talking about starting a business all the time. some of them sound good and some don’t. but i don’t like to stiffle people’s ideas of being an entrepreneur because i don’t know all of the details and how determined they are. i usually give them some direction and let them figure it out for themselves if they want to pursue it further.

it’s great to be an entrprenuer. it’s all up to you and others. you are the driving force. my family has always been entrepreneurs. it started when my grandfather samuel steven valencino had his own cafe in downtown greenville mississippi. he was very popular because everyone ate there 3 meals of the day, that’s back when a cup of coffee was 10 cents. (my grandfather was a shore patrol officer in the navy and later became a police officer then a deputy sheriff and then was on the city council) we had some good ole times there growing up. now my brother has his own law firm in jackson mississippi and my sister’s husband has his own business (www.toursaver.com) in anchorage alaska. yea, we’re spread out all over the country.

we’ll i’ll let you know when the new biz is ready…stay tuned.

samuel little graphic design is a web and print advertising company specializing in publication and advertising layout and design including placement of advertising and marketing media.