a new domain added to the list… samuellittlegraphicdesign.com

we just made a major conversion of domain names and hostings. 1) we put a link to forward from our old company name kennettlittledesign.com to samuellittlegraphicdesign.com and deleted all of the unwanted email addresses from that domain. 2) we opened a new hosting account under the samuellittlegraphicdesign.com domain for seo purposes. 3) we will soon do away with the web site under the slgd.com domain and only use it for email but visitors and clients will still be able to get to our site through slgd.com.

we are also updating our site weekly, this will definitely help in our seo (search engine optimization) efforts.

The major plan is to make samuel little synonymos with graphic design because samuel little graphic design IS graphic design. presently “samuel little” in google and yahoo searches is ranked #3 in both. type in your company name in these search engines and see where you rank. if you’re not on the first page…we can help.

the marketing plan is to use slgd.com with our logo for all print advertising because it is easy to read and remember and to use samuelittlegraphicdesign.com with a link for all internet advertising because of its keywords and you’re only a click away.

visit our web site samuellittlegraphicdesign.com. we strive to help businesses do business. we can provide design and marketing consultation on a wide range. sometimes when potential clients seek our help…it’s too late, they’ve already made a bad investment. we wish potential clients would come to us first. visit our site to see the many services we offer…and remember the answer is always yes.