Us vs Them: Restaurant Online Ordering

With our restaurant online ordering system, members sign up and you get the customer’s contact information to remarket to them unlike other restaurant online ordering services.
Think about it… These other online order services that put your restaurant menu online and get a cut for every sale, are they sharing the customers contact data info with you? Most likely not. Why? Because when customer’s use their system they keep ALL of the data…customer contacts AND their buying habits.

Our restaurant online ordering services are different.
Your restaurant online ordering website is a stand alone website via desktop, tablet and or mobile. We provide you with all of the data and use it to remarket to your customers. It’s easier to keep a customer than to get a new one. We offer many benefits with our restaurant online ordering website. We manage your website, checking analytics for customer buying habits and how to get a better return on your investment. Yes, we build your database and we can remarket to your customer base via email and txt (SMS) messaging with messages and coupon offers. AND we have a loyalty program that rewards customers to keep them coming back.
Our restaurant ordering service has LOTS to offer.
Schedule a demo with us, you’ll be glad you did. Contact Samuel Little at 804-601-0545 or on this webpage.

The article from a professional that speared this post:
If you offer online ordering, make sure you are managing it. Those customers’ details are a great way to build your database and not someone else’s!
When someone places an order online these should be feeding directly into a database for you to market to, through email or SMS.
Check your online ordering system today and find out where your customers details are being stored and who is using them. Many third party online ordering businesses, do not pass on the email address to you and use it to benefit other restaurants!
Take control and start building your own database today and reap the benefits of marketing directly to your customers.