Be Very Careful Spending Marketing Dollars

Don’t throw away your money. Be very careful this year in spending your marketing dollars.

I see so many businesses spending dollars on advertising products that either in my opinion does not work or is not clearly marketing to their target. It sounds good in theory and makes sense but not really.

Don’t be spontaneous in marketing decisions. Think it through.
If your contacted by a rep over the phone have them send you the materials via email so that you can make an informed decision.
-First, before costs, “is this serving my target market?”
-How can I leverage this marketing opportunity with my other forms of marketing?
-Is this something I would do long term? Would I make a campaign out of it and do it every year?
-Can I partner with another business on this venture?
There are many questions to ask before asking…how much is it.

And lastly, give me, Samuel Little at Samuel Little Graphic Design a call (804) 601-0545 for a free marketing consultation before making any decisions. I am passionate about what I do and cringe at the some of the things that businesses spend their marketing dollars on. Please give me a call (804) 601-0545 and let’s talk it through before you make a big mistake.

Samuel Little Graphic Design can consult you on how to get recognized in your target market and the result is, more business. Samuel Little Graphic Design provides 3 cores services to small businesses in Chesterfield County, Virginia:
Website Development
Print Design Services
Marketing and Advertising

Need to streamline your marketing efforts? Confused as to what to do next? Give Samuel Little, President of Samuel Little Graphic Design a call (804-601-0545) for a free consultation to discuss your next step in marketing your business, product or service.

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