Why it’s important to have a target market

Samuel Little Graphic Design’s Target Market: 9 radius miles from zip code 23112
Samuel Little Graphic Design’s Target Market: 9 radius miles from zip code 23112

We hear from the experts saying pick a target market whether it be geographic and/or demographic. In my experience, with small business owners, they think of a target that’s demographic and don’t really think much about geographic markets. A business that has a service that targets a type of person by age, race, gender, education, etc., that’s demographic. While a geographic targeting is the location of the business and what’s around it. Samuel Little Graphic Design (SLGD) focuses on a geographical target. Now the experts say pick a target and then market to that target. A new business owner finds this is very hard to do when he/she are just starting a business because the they see “every” person in “any” location as a target with immediate benefits. But its wastes time and money in the long run.

Now, I get razzed a lot because my target market is “small businesses within 9 radius miles of zip code 23112.” I typically say “my target market is 12 radius miles from where ever I’m standing” which usually gets a laugh and could mean many things, like for an example: I rarely get out of my target market, if I’m in another city my target is 12 radius miles from that point on the map, etc. Actually for me, it means 9 radius miles from my office in Midlothian, because when I stay in my target market…I’m focused.

Target Marketing allows a business to set goals to be focused and to stay within that goal no matter what. It’s a challenge to stay focused within a market when there are other opportunities outside of your market. But when you stray from your goals (your target) you’ll waste time, money and resources that could have been used efficiently in your target. I’m not perfect, I stray sometimes from my target and when I do, I feel it. I ask myself “why did you do that?” And I learn not to do that anymore. Stay focused, it will help you in the long run.

Now on the flip side. Because I’ve chosen 9 radius miles of zip code 23112 does not mean that I can not have clients outside of that area. I have clients all over the United States. But guess what. Those clients originated from within my target market. The leads came from my target market. That’s what I’m explaining here, focus on your target market and still take the outer laying clients outside of your target. Prime example: A person in Midlothian, referred me to a client in Richmond that has clients in Texas which referred me to 3 other clients. So, by focusing on one target I was able to receive 5 clients.

7 reason’s why I chose a geographic target:
1) Save on marketing dollars
2) Dominate that area as the “go to person” for your expertise
3) Save time and resources with meetings
4) Word of mouth spreads quicker
5) Branding more recognizable
6) Able to connect with other businesses/people with a commonality
7) Able to connect with local organizations

Take aways:
People say “I see you everywhere.” No, just everywhere in a very small space.
When they see my business card they say “I’ve seen this somewhere.”
When I go places my presence precedes me because of my focus on branding.

You can’t be all things, to all people, everywhere unless you are Coca-Cola. Or now I should say, as Google.

Ok. So. If you don’t know what your target is…whether it be demographic and/or geographic…give Samuel Little a call at 804-601-0545 to help you determine what your target is and how to market to it efficiently.