Teleconference: July 19 – Access to Capital by the NSBA

Issue Briefing: Small Business Access to Capital
Nationwide Trends and Best Practices to Improve Your Creditworthiness 

On July 19 at 1:00 p.m. EST, NSBA (National Small Business Administration) will hold an issue briefing teleconference for members to discuss access to capital and best practices in small-business finance. This teleconference will provide members with insight on various lending options and sources, the latest national trends on small-business financing, and how to avoid the most common mistakes small-business owners make when it comes to their finances.

During the call, members will hear from industry leaders on lending sources such as traditional banks, credit unions, government-backed lending programs and non-traditional lenders that are carving a new path in small-business finance. Additionally, participants will hear from a small-business finance expert with more than 20 years in the banking industry and a well-established business specializing in providing CFO-level advice to small firms.

In addition to the best practices and valuable resource information, NSBA will give a brief synopsis of its recently-released Small Business Access to Capital Survey which provides interesting trend data on the state of financial affairs for today’s small business.

Ample Q&A time will be set-aside for participants on the call to ask questions of the experts.

This quick, 45-minute teleconference can provide you with critically valuable information and insight.

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