Delivery is Key for Blogging

How to deliver your blog.

1) Keep your postings/blogs short. I recently wrote a blog and it got too long…I was rambling on and wanted to tell the world everything had to say. When I finished…I broke the blog into two blogs then cleaned up the beginnings and endings. Then I added a link from one to the other so people can read the related article. And lastly, I scheduled them to publish 2 weeks a part. The information is not timely, just informative.
Readers don’t have a lot of time to read. I know I don’t. If it’s more than 15 lines of text, I don’t read the rest. I’m done.
In a blog get your point across and ask for business.

2) With most blog services you can set the blog to publish at different times. Don’t post blogs all at the same time. Readers get overwhelmed with information. Also it’s easier to track the results if you spread out the publishing of blogs.

3) Create a good subject line on your blog so readers will open it. Be vague and short. It creates curiosity.

FYI: I wrote this blog on 1/2/12 and will have it post 4 weeks from now. I have 2 other blogs posting a few weeks before this one.

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