Decisions on Marketing Opportunities

Make good decisions on what types of marketing avenues you should take.
Don’t be spontaneous. Think it through.

If it looks like too much work to figure out if this is a good marketing opportunity and all of the things that should come along with it then, maybe it’s not a good marketing opportunity for you. You should have a process in place to handle these types of decisions. To ask the questions, to have the other leveraging marketing opportunities in place, if it fits the criteria and then to be able to measure the results.

Here’s an example:
A local school calls and wants you to put an ad in their school directory:
1) Who will it reach and are they your target market?
2) If you support the school this time will you do it again?
3) If you support the school, how else can you support the school?
4) How can you get buzz that you supported the school?
Always be thinking on how you can leverage your dollars.

Recent happenings:
I asked a local merchant:
Where’s your businesses cards? He said “They have to buy something before they get a business card.” I said, What?!
Tip: A business card is the cheapest form of advertising.
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A campaign for schools:
Merchant: I sent 15 letters to potential clients and only got 2 responses.
 You sat at your desk, wrote a letter, mailed it and expected to get a return. “I don’t know why they did not respond…it’s a good deal…it will save them money.” These ways of advertising are over.
You’ve got to show you care. You have to have a personal connection with them. You have to be there in person. And if you are going to spend this much time with them, make sure you’re in it for the long haul. Several years.
Just think. If you can give back to the community, continue that effort year after year, get the buzz of the community and something they can count on, just think of the things you can do for your community and your business. Note: I see so many times that people put their businesses first by offering a way they can help the community. This doesn’t work…put your good faith first.

Giving back:
Merchant: We’ll give your organization 2% of everything you buy from us. 2%!?
They are creating to much work for themselves…what if that person only buys one item…you’re going to look real good giving a check to an organization for $1. Wow, Thanks.
Ok, instead of giving 2% to many organizations, why not give more to one organization every year, make a special presentation to that organization and get free press. Make it well known that that’s what you do to give back all year round.

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