Event Sponsoring Q and A

When sponsoring an event you need a strategy.

Here are some items and tips before sponsoring and event (not in order of thought process):
1) Where is the event being held?
Note: Is the event in your geographical target market? Think of travel, boarding and dining expenses to attend.
2) Are the attendees in your target market?
Note: Will you benefit from the attendees at the event?
3) How many attendees will be attending?
Note: The amount and quality of attendees are important
4) Is the price for the event inline with the ROI?
Note: Most of the time you can negotiate the price of the sponsorship to fit your budget with event holders
5) After the event will you get a contact list of the attendees?
Note: If so, then you’ll need to prepare to contact the attendees after the event.
How will you contact them? Via mail, email, phone, etc. The form of contacting needs to be prepared before the event because time is of the essence. Once the event is over you’ll need to start contacting the attendees in a timely manner depending on your form of delivery.

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