Saving on movie video rentals

I’ve been using for a while now. I like it much better than NetFlix. Basically, RedBox is best for those that only watch a video/movie every now and then and only costs $1.06 a movie. NetFlix charges $8.99/mo. even if you don’t use the service. With NetFlix you’d have to watch 9 movies a month (2 movies a weekend) to break even on what you would spend for RedBox. Yea, NetFlix is convenient but there is still a process which you have to follow. RedBox can be very convenient too, they’re everywhere and if there is a specific movie you want…you can order it online at a convenient location near you.Ah Ha! You can also get movies when you are out of town. Go to…find a movie, then find a location nearest you…pay for it online, then pick it up. Very easy.
Rating: (1-10, 10 being best) 10