Explore and learn at the Virginia Aquarium, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Today, we visited the Virginia Aquarium, Virginia Beach, Virginia.
If you like marine life this is the place to go.

Where else in Virginia is there a Virginia Aquarium? No where…so this must be the best in Virginia right? Right.
The aquarium was very well represented…affordable, friendly, knowledgeable staff, clean and good amenities.
They offer a combo deal to see one of two IMAX movies about marine life.

They have a small grill cafe that serves anything from hamburgers to coffee at a very affordable price. The hamburger platter was $6, not like other similar places. Every time I go to a museum or facility like this one …I already know to eat there is going to be expense. But this wasn’t the case. I hope that facilities like this one realize that if they make their prices reasonable then people will buy and will have a better time enjoying the experience.

Best to go in the off season…less crowds, less noise.
Rating: (1-10, 10 being best) 10.