You WIN with Website CMS Technologies

Starting last November of 2009, Samuel Little Graphic Design (SLGD) improved it’s services by providing it’s new and present clients to use or upgrade their websites to a content management system (CMS) website. We’ve known that the website industry is steering more towards CMS sites for many reasons such as:

  • CMS technology has improved in the past 5 years and is more robust than standard html websites
  • Third party software such as Dreamweaver is not needed
  • Paid third parties update the CMS software to be compatible with (ever changing) browser software
  • CMS has more plug-ins and free third party services than ever before (photo galleries, ecommerce, etc.)
  • CMS templates can be fully customizable
  • Cleaner back-end code and search engines crawl the site more efficiently
  • Client or webmaster can update the site from anywhere there is a computer and internet access
  • Clients have full control of all parts of their website and account

And for these main reasons we develop all of our sites with 2 CMS service packages. If you want to upgrade your website to a CMS website, give us a call 804-545-7503. We’d love to see what you have and how we can improve it.

Recently, I spoke with a current client that needs their site upgraded from a regular html site to a custom CMS site to where they can update the site themselves.
She asked “what are you (SLGD) getting out of this?” (She was referring to SLGD giving up the revenue of making the updates to the site.) Actually, I never really thought about it. It was hard to give her an answer.
Basically, I was putting the client first and providing a service that my client’s need. Never really thought about loosing the revenue.

SLGD is providing a better service than ever before through new to the market advanced technologies of CMS websites.

If you have questions about your website give me, Samuel a call (804-545-7503)…I’d love to talk to you about it.

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