High standards for employment

This is an email in response to an inquiry about an open position with our company.
Dear potential contractor,
Thank you for your reply. However, there are 2 misspelled words and one proper name that should have been capitalized in your resume. With today’s technology, those words should have been corrected. Since our company demands and requires high standards of accuracy and detail your inquiry for our open position has been disqualified.

Please pay attention to detail…other employers will too.
Best regards.
When applying for a position with a company, you’ve got to pay attention to detail.
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Email marketing tips for 89Paint.com

Wow! Pretty nice web site at http://www.89paint.com
I see you sent out this email marketing campaign to people you know.
Tips/Comments on your email marketing:
1) Readers are going to scan your e-newsletter/email. They’re not going to take the time to read a whole block of text.
2) It’s better to get your point across in the first sentence and put your services in bullet points. Don’t be shy.
3) Have links to your web site about specific offers or testimonials with in the text of the email.
4) E-newsletters fail to direct people back to their web site. That’s where the information is and the WOW factor. Your email is a jump start to your web site.
5) Contact information needs to be much larger.
6) Offer a special at the end of your e-newsletter.

Good job: It’s good that you sent this email out on a weekend. Most people are computing at the house like I am on Sat. or Sun. morning.
I (I consider myself and average guy) compute on Sat. & Sun. mornings around 10-12am out on the deck (like I am now)…thinking/dreaming of my outdoor living space.

Good to hear from you again.
Let me know if you or your colleagues need any marketing expertise.
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Marketing of a copier/printer salesman

Hello Copier/Printer Salesman,
Alright here we go.
Remember, I’m in marketing, so I’m going to be objective.
I’m sure you know more about how to sell your product than I.
But here’s my input.

1) Your print materials need to be in color or a first generation copy of the flier on the copier that the information is for.
2) On the flier, highlight the features you think are important to the buyer. Give your personal opinion. Besides they are looking to you for direction…this will gain their trust.
3) Your target marketing can be businesses that are moving. It could be an easier sell because businesses that are moving have a budget to spend on the move up and out to improve the environment that they are in.
4) Qualify your prospect. Ask a loaded question. Loaded questions help jump start you to your next statement which is the punch line that puts you on the map with something that is familiar or a commonality with the buyer.
5) Your contact information needs to be on the flier…perhaps staple your business card to the flier. Or better yet…another page with your contact information, your personal photo (people remember faces more so than names) and organizations that you belong to.
6) I noticed that your tie was undone after the meeting…don’t dress down after a meeting…always stay on the top of your game when in public.
7) And I wouldn’t tell people you’re new at selling copiers/printers. Always be positive.
8) FYI: Please check your grammar, spelling of words and punctuation in ALL emails. Even emails to your mother.
I read over each email 2-3 times to make sure I’ve spelled everything right. And with today’s technology every word should be spelled correctly…you have technology that does it for you.
9) Also you need to have your contact information on each email…it’s a setting in your email program under Signatures.
Look at my signature as an example.
Sincerely yours,
Samuel Little, President

Samuel Little Graphic Design
Advertising Specialists since 1995
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Chesterfield County Chamber of Commerce – Member

As for my company, Samuel Little Graphic Design, I share a copier/printer and I’m not the decision maker of buying or replacing the copier/printer that we have. BUT we will be (growing) moving and perhaps comparing what we are using now and what we could be using could help us both. I would need to know more about the product and why the need to expand.

Thanks for the opportunity.

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