Samuel! I need a brochure and business cards for a meeting!

In my industry…I need it today or tomorrow is normal. That’s just how it is in our industry of graphic design and advertising. Clients always think of the handout, the business card or the posters at the last minute. Because they’re business preparing the big picture. Hey! that’s ok! We’re here for you…this is what we do. Call us (804-545-7503) even if you don’t have a last minute project. When having a last minute project it’s best to hire someone with experience because the last thing you don’t want to do is spend precious time and money with a bad product at the end. Samuel Little Graphic Design will steer you in the right direction.

Here’s a few questions we’ll ask when you call:
• What is the project you want done?
• What is your deadline?
• Where do you need the project delivered or is it for pickup?
• For a printed piece, we’ll need to know this: quantity, size, colors (usually 4 color), 1 side or 2 sides, stock (paper). Once we have this information we can get a quote for you from the printer. We use local printers to support our local economy and you should too…it pays off.
• Do you have the materials (photos/text/copy/logos/font names/colors) to produce the piece or do we have to produce it?
• How many people are in the approval process. The less people, the faster the proofing process goes. So, if you have a fast turn-around project, we would suggest having one person have the final say…otherwise it could be costly in dollars and time. And most of the time – time we do not have.

If all of these questions are answered then I can give you a time schedule and costs of the project.

Give Samuel Little Graphic Design a call at 804-545-7503 (or visit our web site for more information) for your print design and printing projects. We have the experience and know-how to complete a project on time. We ask the right questions to get the best results for any project. We don’t promise what we can’t deliver. Samuel Little Graphic Design has been in business since 1995 with over 25 years of graphic design and advertising experience.