FREE advertising story

There was a veterinarian who had a new location with a state of the art facility. They were having a grand opening. I was designing their ad for a local newspaper and they gave me the text that was to be in the ad. After reading the text, they wanted people who read the ad and stop by to take a tour of the facility. My first question was “What are they giving away” and “why would someone take time out of their busy Saturday morning to visit a vet to “only” take a tour.” So I called the vet to offer FREE marketing advice. I said what are you giving away? They said they had about 10 little bags with (a-hum basically junk) 3 pet toys in each and of course materials about the facility. They were going to have a clown to do face painting. I believe, I remember saying “are the pets going to get their faces painted?” They said no the children are getting their faces painted. The veterinarian was so caught up and proud of their state of the art facility…that they forgot about the customer and their target market, aaaa mostly cats and dogs. I suggested they give away a discount for an office visit and give flea and tick baths to the first 20 cats and dogs, right in the parking lot. They didn’t want to do that. They didn’t want to make any extra effort, after all, they are marketing experts. Take advice from an expert…they’ll know a little more than you do about marketing. So, basically I did what they wanted and only their friends and family showed up for the grand opening. They could have taking my FREE advise and attracted new customers.

FREE advise: What really works well is the “Refer a Friend” program. Who likes it most when you can bring a friend and both of you get a discount on products or services? This is a win-win-win.

FREE advise: Offer a discount or provide a free service. Samuel Little Graphic Design gives free marketing advise to every customer.

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