YouSendIt, Free FTP service

Got a file that’s TOO BIG to send through email? That’s my dilemma. I just had a photo shoot for a client, Bonair Better Living Products and I need to get those photos to the client. But wow, even after zipping the photo folder up it’s 30Mbs. My email account nor anyone’s email account can handle a file that BIG.

I’m opening an account with YOUSENDIT right now! You can sign up too.
NOTE: You can sign up for a free trial and after that (if you don’t want to upgrade) they will convert your account to the Lite Version for free. It’s a Win Win!
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YouSendIt is the No. 1 digital file delivery company serving business and individuals businesses who want a easy, secured, reliable and faster way to SEND, RECEIVE and TRACK DIGITAL FILES.

YOUSENDIT replaces the hassles of dealing with unreliable FTP servers, eliminate the frustrations of bounced email attachments. With YouSendIt you also save time and money not having to burn CDs and using expensive overnight couriers.

We’re offering a free 14 day free trial of our services with no obligations and no credit card required. There are three free trials to choose from: YouSendIt Pro account for individuals, YouSendIt Business Plus for businesses, and YouSendIt Corporate Suite for enterprises.

Use YOUSENDIT, you’ll be glad you did.

Great Customer Service!

Here’s a recent email reply to one of our clients from our web designer. I think it’s worth posting:

Client (the name has been changed to protect the innocent),

You’re welcome. We just ask for email because we may misunderstand what
you want or may lose the paper that the changes are written on. Using
email allows for a record and a clear statement of what the client

But if you’re more comfortable using the phone, then we’ll make an
exception for your case. We want to make you happy and leave you with
good feelings toward SLGD.

If you are going to call, we just ask that you don’t call on Fridays;
we’re laying out a newspaper for another client and the deadline is at
5pm, so its really busy around here then.

Also, the changes you requested have been made. Please review and
approve. You can view the site at:

Shariq Torres, Web Designer

Samuel Little Graphic Design
Tel: 804.545.7503

We did it again! 2008 Ukrops 10K, Richmond, Virginia

We did it once again. Our second annual Ukrops 10K race. We had several people join us this year in and at the 2008 Ukrops 10K, benefiting the VCU Massey Cancer Center, in Richmond, Virginia.
Last year Sarah Garcia and I ran in the race and this year we picked up a few more.

Starting at about 6am to get ready for the race, it was a rainy morning, but the temp was about 60° F, pretty good weather for a rainy day in my opinion. I built up on protein and good carbs by eating boiled eggs, an apple, a banana and drank Gatorade to hydrate by body for the race. The race was pretty easy even though I did not train for it like I should have. My feet were sore during the race but I pushed forward. I walked most of the way but ran on the down slopes to try and beat my time from last year. Victor Garcia and I started in the “H” wave section which started the race at 9:27 am for runners with an estimated time of 1:00 hr. to 1:15 mins.

Samuel Little Graphic Design sponsored t-shirts for the runners in and at the race which included:
Samuel Little, China Little, Victor Garcia, Sarah Garcia, Kayla Garcia, Bill Baker, Dr. Jeffrey Frost and Joe Joe Gador was to run but was unable to attend.

This year’s t-shirt was a bright yellow, short sleeve, t-shirt with the design (design on the right) of a man and a woman running next to the logo with TEAM 10K in red, the race location – Richmond, VA and the year 2008 dating the event. Also words in memory of my mother, Sarah Lee Little, who died of brain cancer several years ago.

A special thanks goes out to those who attended and participated in the race. Thanks for your support!

Next year, will be our third annual Ukrops 10K race…we’ll need more runners to participate which will get a commemorative SLGD t-shirt to wear at the race. Our next race will be the 8K Ntelos race in November, 2008…unless we get suckered into a race between now and then.

These races are supported by Sports Backers…for more information about Sports Backers visit

SWaM certified

Samuel Little Graphic Design is SWaM certified and registered with eVA.

The SWaM certification program is administered by the Virginia Department of Minority Business Enterprise (“DMBE”) and is the Commonwealth of Virginia’s effort to help small, women- and minority-owned businesses with doing business with state government entities.
Applicants to the SWaM certification program must complete the on-line application for certification and provide the required documents with the application to be considered for certification as a Small, Women- or Minority-owned Business.