Reducing Spam

I have clients that consult with me about spam. How do I reduce spam? I tell them how I have reduced spam in the past and what works for our clients. And then they are not sure if they want to do that…well …have spam then. Call me back and I’ll give you the same answer.

Everyone’s situation is different. Whether your mail is through an email client like Outlook or if it’s browser based like when you go online and get your mail from a service such as Yahoo mail, gmail or through your Internet service provider. Then there are other configurations of how you want your email perceived or the functionality of your software and or service provider. You can consult with us (Samuel Little Graphic Design) to see what’s the best solution is for you.

Here are some tactics and practices we’ve taken:
1) Ask your webmaster to encrypt all email addresses on your web site. We do this for all of our clients.
2) Have your webmaster create a catch all email address (submit@) to give out when signing up for services online. Then if you start getting spam to that email address it can be deleted and then start another submit2@.
3) Sign up for for 1 year. This service helps you create a white list and will ween out spammers. In a years time you can start fresh.
4) Meanwhile, teach your email client about what is spam and what is not spam. With incoming mail, mark spam and send it to your spam folder…over time your software will learn what is spam.

Here are more tips from the National Cyber Alert System, Cyber Security Tip ST04-007.

If you have any questions about spam or Internet services in general contact us at Samuel Little Graphic Design.

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